ZAMN, THIS NEW FLATFISH IS CRAZY! - Halibut Showcase & Beta Gameplay -

ZAMN, THIS NEW FLATFISH IS CRAZY! – Halibut Showcase & Beta Gameplay

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  1. Pretty sure halibut would be able to kill colossal squid because when animals boost, the mud will explode. So it stops it from using it's boost.

  2. It would have been interesting if you tested halibut vs whale. Also, imagine one person dominating the beta by using the buffed polar bear.

  3. Sad that I cant' play beta, all the animals are soooo dope. 🙁

  4. Hey, how did u get the new animals early, inwould like to make a vid on it too!

  5. guess some people will think it needs to be nerfed or some animals to counter this XD

  6. Sadnessified what are your thoughts on GIANT PACIFIC DEIMOS?

  7. That looks both incredibly fun and incredibly broken, cant wait

  8. Alternative title: Sadnessified sharts for 2 mins 3 seconds in blocky fish game

  9. This animal threatens to replace Stonefish. Otherwise, MY main…

  10. whats the name of your outro it is amazing not as amazing as the content but still great

  11. I Know one Halibut strategy!
    A enemy with >100 health chasing you?
    Charge boost, then boost into the terrain to blow up your mud clouds.
    If enemy in your mud – he will die by chain reaction.

  12. Halibut is new Op animal, and here is why:
    Charge boost damage – 175+100 (mud cloud explode) = 275 damage.
    Shark = 270
    Gar = 280

  13. How do you play beta of the new version

  14. In the megamouth video sad faced tanked the halibut in the middle of the exploding clouds and beat it. I highly doubt this animal will be OP.

  15. how did you get the texture cuz i dont have that on deeeep

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