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Worst Scare – Jerma Itch.io Games Stream Recap

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merry christmas 💃

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Originally Streamed on December 24th, 2021

00:00 – Intro
01:24 – Santa’s Cookies
02:40 – The Christmas Incident
07:40 – Slay Bells
12:48 – Night of the Consumers
20:01 – Slide in the Woods
24:16 – Freeways
26:00 – Puppet Combo Scary Tales Vol. 1
28:48 – Nun Massacre
31:09 – Everhood
36:17 – ART SQOOL
38:54 – FAITH

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  1. 26:12 PSYCHO streamer DESTROYS light fixture. this absolute MADMAN needs to be STOPPED.

  2. Jerma is the odd man out in an orgy he just wanted to know if anyone understood his troubles

  3. why are more people not talking about Jerma's perfectly timed light turning off on its own?

  4. 2:26 as you can see, Jeremy Elbertson broke of his mental shackles that Jerma985 has trapped him in and in response Jerma tells Jeremy to relax. Actual psycho.

  5. the gas station backdoor jumpscare made me jump so bad i felt physical fear go up my spine

  6. as someone who works retail this is far too real

  7. I was watching this without headphones and when he screamed at 26:26 my dogs wouldn't stop barking

  8. 30:10 thank u so very much for turning that clip way way down, i've heard the original and it is actually mind numbing how obnoxiously loud it is for no reason

  9. I like how jermas “what is wrong with humans” rant somehow went all the way back to the INVENTION OF GUNPOWDER AND FIREWORKS

  10. Did not expect mental health advice from jerma in these highlights. But lord knows I needed it. Wholesome streamer

  11. Jerma “ehhhhmmmmONKA eeeess” is so funny to me

  12. Dude holy shit, Jerma with glasses made me realize he's old enough to be a father and shit.

  13. He gets scared by a silly minimalist grey hallway and some bit-crushed crying and immediately starts go off on a philosophical rant about why humans scare themselves for fun, amazing.

  14. of course the character going to art sqool looks like that lol

  15. 21:16 that's only accurate because school ends at that point in your life, and some people are still heavily developing at that point

  16. Like how one of the games had a crawl meter. Lets be real, we spend like 70% of our Skyrim playthrough's crouched on our knees but if you tried that in real life youd be fucked

  17. Never heard of everhood before but an inverted rhythm game bullet hell? genius idea

  18. One of the best streams ever. I hope he does something like this again, random itch.io horror games

  19. Goddamit I was really hoping to hear that age thing he was about to talk about

    Edit: yey thanks jeremy

  20. Jerma's talk about everyone finding their own thing in the world no matter how big or small it is, and that it doesn't have to be extravagant was genuinely great to hear :') I teared up until he puked after the wine and I laughed until I cried xD

  21. I think it's funny how Jerma complains about pc game sensitivity even though most games are designed for people who are not borderline phychotics who like to drsg their mouse across their entire desk to turn 60 degrees

  22. I never realised how badly I needed Jerma to give me life advice.

  23. He looks like the rich guy in Alvin and the chipmunks

  24. puppet combo made me laugh so hard i coughed up goo

  25. jerma talking genuinely about stuff just reminds me why i love him so much man

  26. Im glad I watched this video was having a bad day (had to put my dog down) jerma makes me happy

  27. jerma when he turns on the cam the very first time looks like my Rabbi

  28. i really appreciate you including that pep talk or whatever you call it, even if a lot of people would have left it out for not being funny. provided a bit of comfort

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