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What Makes .IO Games Good?

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It’s so intriguing, it’s so simple, and yet, I can’t help myself but to keep playing. Where did these come from? How did these get so popular? What makes them so good?

Comment below your favourite .io games and why!

I won’t link to the games, but if you type them right into your browser, you’re good to go!

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  1. I just found RealityEscape in my recommendations today.

    I like this channel, explains things about games, and does it good, ngl.

  2. I played Agar.io when it didn't have any skins, only colors. Who else remembers this?

  3. Gotta hate on hole.io for 1) having game multiplayer and 2) Amir killing Donut Town which was in development far before its web based ripoff by a company known for bad games, ripoffs, and fake multiplayer

  4. Your videos are very good to watch I hope you will get more popular in 2021 cheers to 2021!

  5. for the hole io game idk the name i think it needs a mode where it never ends or every 10 min refresh i dont play it because of the time

  6. 9:47, there are buttons that can make you level up, switch class (even thoes that you cant normaly) and things like that, you just missed it

  7. DEFLY.io is an AMAZING .io game. In this one you have 1 health and there are superpowers and a lot of strats. YOU CAN WIN ON THIS ONE. I've 1 FFA once and it took 2 and a half hours. But it is fun!

  8. in zombs.io you can actually increase the max amount for each tower by having more people on your party/team, other than that great vid.

  9. .io usually means input,output when used for websites

  10. Starblast.io because Its a space 3d shooting and has cool 32 ships you can choose on,[It has a discord server by looking at bottom left of the website].

  11. the only 2 differences with experimental mode are the brown cells that eat you (the thing you mentioned), and also ejecting mass into viruses moves them instead.

  12. hole.io is actually 100% bots and no multiplayer.
    Yes, that is an intended decision made by the developer.

  13. Comment for video visibility, he deserves so much

  14. .IO : FAKE MULTIPLAYER is majority of them but some are real multiplayer

  15. I have a few things for you to note:

    – I'm sort of sad that you couldn't include games like Starve.io, Mope.io, DEEEEP.io, MooMoo.io, cursors.io and bonk.io, etc.

    Agar.io experimental mode does also give you more mass when you explode using the green circle things.
    – You can press "K" In diep.io experimental mode to gain more XP.
    Diep.io Tag used to work when it was popular, and the time you played at, it was only 5 people so you didnt get your color changed.

    11:08, Yes I could agree that agar and slither are very mass based, they still can be won if you have the right skillset.
    Superspin.io seems to have taken it's game concept off of Spinz.io.
    – I also believe that Splix.io was one of the first game which made that kind of "genre" where you collect more and grow your base.
    Hole.io is an OFFLINE game, It was a fake multiplayer game like alot of .io games, I've seen youtubers turn their connections off to prove it and the game still functioned normally.

    Sorry if this was a little wordy and much, you're a human and you are bound to miss things, I just wanted to help a person out.

    EDIT: I would appreciete if anyone could like this so he can read it.

  16. Just discovered your channel, you deserve way more attention man. These are very high quality videos, you should have way more subs

  17. Agar.io reminds me of Fishy. Based on how you described the games you showed here I think you've heard of it.

    Another thing, thanks for putting the song names and music artists on screen so I don't need to ask for them.

  18. try gats,io its gun game and not with bots you can make servers and a lot of strats and the names are random unles you make an

  19. I suddenly remembered your channel after like 1 year and… 😀

  20. For Diep.io there's actually a bind key to level up automatically, sadly they dont show you that

  21. I cant belive you forgot bonk.io, the only game where it all comes down to skill (or how laggy you are bcuz lag can make you immortal and it affects the server not one person, thank god its limited to 6 pepole per room

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