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Weird Games

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Sorting by recent or searching for random words produces some very weird games on

hamoodson – 0:00

Homer Simpson Moon Jump – 0:46

pwoup – 1:30

Platonüas – 2:19

Dabman – 4:03
(This one seems to have been deleted. I had nothing to do with, I swear.)
CHEED – 5:22

ModernMadeIt – Nokia Arabic Type Beat

I played a bunch of weird games in the middle of the night while I was incredibly tired. It was a good time. All of these games were found by either sorting by recently uploaded or searching for whatever stupid words popped into my head. These games are the peak of creation.


  1. Cheed burnger without cheed and a side of rick and a side of Morty please

  2. I'm proud to be a shitty game dev that posts on itch.
    To be completely honest, I hate itch because of how accessible it is. In addition, there's 0 quality control. It's almost like the second coming of Newgrounds, except somehow even WORSE. There is a sea of strange, broken games, and unfortunately some of the most bland content available online.
    It's still a good platform for serious developers, but it's still good for finding a few laughs.

  3. Hello GumGoblin. I saw you played games from I was thinking if you want to play my game, I am a beginner Unity Developer and it would make me happy if you tried it. Thank you!

    PS: The game is short… around 4-5 levels. The game is in progress but I will make more levels. Now I can't because I'm busy with school and homework.

  4. your channel will have 'n millon subscribers in 2023

  5. Surprisingly good and underrated content HEAR THAT YOUTUBE ALGORITM??

  6. Can you review my weird games? lol my user on itch is nolashgirl

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