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[Vinesauce] Joel – Sirenhead Itch.io Games

Vargskelethor Uncut: Full Joel Streams
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Spooky tall man in the forest.
Date streamed: 17 May , 2020

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  1. Gotta admit, don't find sirenhead scary, but the US alert sounds make me crawl in my skin. I always assumed they specifically made the emergency alert sound as unpleasant as possible. Character design itself is kinda goofy.

  2. For real though I hope Siren Head doesn't tell teens to stab each other 🙏

  3. Horror cryptic
    Joel: I laugh

    Joel: I scream

  4. Honestly I wish trevor's other monsters got more attention too.
    Siren head is great but Long Horse is still the best

  5. Reminds me of that alien from that one episode of venture brothers

  6. please check if the game creators credit Trevor the creator of siren head! he's super chill about people using his creation if they credit him. he doesn't like to cause drama, but please don't support people who blatantly steal his work!

  7. With apologies to Mr Henderson, I do hope to see Poison games' take on Sirenhead.

  8. Hey Joel!
    It'd be really cool if you could pop a link to Trevor's twitter (slimyswampghost) in the video description it'd be a small step towards making sure he gets proper recognition and credit for inspiring all these games 🙂
    And for everyone else here's some important things to remember:
    The creator of Siren Head, Trevor Henderson, has had little to no control over how Siren Head's popularity has blown up online. A lot of people have been treating the character as if it were public domain and using it for both free and paid content without consulting or getting permission from Trevor.
    – Siren Head is not an SCP; Trevor has stated many times that it is not part of the SCP canon despite many people trying to incorporate it against his wishes. Luckily the wiki managers have been good about respecting him on this.
    – Siren Head is not free to use just because it's popular on the internet. A lot of content being put out is essentially swapping out Slenderman for Siren Head to capitalize on the sudden popularity. It's important to remember that this is one regular person's IP and so far I don't think he's seeing any compensation from people who are making money off games or videos on his creation.
    – Trevor is a super sweet person and if you like Siren Head you should support his work!

  9. I love how joel when he does mainstream horror shit he laughs his ass off but a little grey makes him scream his soul out.

  10. Next game Joel should play.
    Staying on the road and not getting lost simulator, I bet big monies he loses 10 seconds into it.

  11. siren head is a one of many creatures drawn by trevor henderson he can broadcast emergncy warnings, sirens, human conversations, and his victims last words. siren head can shape shift it's head to blend in with it's eviorment he was ahead of human technolgy because he was here from the start of humanity to the now. he can shape his head into more sirens blasting ear drums of anyone who can hear it making their brain explode. this video show more of trevor hendersons creatures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMABg_QnsCo

    edit: the the video was not made by trevor hendorson I just used it as a example trevor henderson makes creature art on instagram.

  12. I think the fallout 4 mod he's talking about is the Silent Hill mod

  13. To think if Markiplier never brought it up it wouldn't be meme'd like this

  14. Trevor Henderson’s work is genuinely very good, and is a refreshing take on urban cryptid/found footage horror.
    It’s a shame that Joel immediately went in expecting it to be nothing but shit tier memery. The egg-like quality of the first “game” didn’t exactly help.
    I’m glad he enjoyed the later games though.

  15. Not to be one of those guys, but I miss when Siren Head was just an artwork Trevor Henderson made for twitter instead of this watered down baldis basics five nights at Freddy’s meme shit.
    I just hope the same doesn’t happen to Long Horse.

  16. 23:04 Hi Joel, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will warn a user when a executable is not signed or well known to be used by a lot of users, this does Not specifically mean the executable is malware, just it is not well known and you might want to be careful.

    So yeh, this is Microsoft's way to protect/scare users from running random unknown executables that could be programmed to do anything.

    Like, fresh new releases of legitimate programs of VLC, CCleaner or something i just compiled also get warnings from Smartscreen, until a few days later as enough people downloaded and ran the files.

    Personally i do not think Smartscreen is that great a way to determine if a file is completely safe or not, because as long as enough people run a malware and is not submitted/reported to Microsoft or blacklisted by some Antivirus team, it might also stop getting Smartscreen warnings, and then your fucked 🙁

    Best to use a virtualized Windows 10 in Virtualbox to run unknown things, but even then, know that a executable may be programmed to behave differently when in a VM, so it might be safe then, but when you run it on your actual system, it behaves as malware (maybe without you knowing).


  17. Sirenhead-chan is best waifu, i bet she is really good with her mouth.

  18. Okay what if Siren Head but instead of sirens its…


  19. I don't get why people like this monster so much. It's just a big tall lanky guy with a stupid head.

  20. Chills did a video on 10 Sirenhead sightings. Thought you should know…

  21. Crazy how Joel gets unfazed by creepypasta monsters but goes apeshit when he sees a funny little alien

  22. i shit myself at tiny jumpscares and stuff yay me

  23. I watched this stream. Before he did Siren Head games he tried playing DOSert bus and failed 40 minutes in, so he started downloading these random shit games to try and save the stream. Probably one of the best worst streams he’s ever done.

  24. They could've balanced the whole gun thing by just giving the player limited ammo, and making it so you can't just out-run Siren Head. That way when you're low on ammo and you start hearing noises, it would feel much more like a life-or-death situation and less "ah whatever I'll just shoot him a couple times and run".

  25. Ssssssssssssssoooooooowooooooowowowo7373838 says:

    Siren head is definitely just a dumb creepy pasta what are people talking about

  26. is there gonna be a full playthrough of Jesus and siren head dating sim? asking for a friend

  27. this is joel's parallel to vinny's backrooms games video

  28. I agree with you on having a grey alien game about escaping abduction, those games are nonexistent, the hum was the best option we had and sadly it got cancelled. Scorn will be hype, but we need grey alien based survival horror games, the market is severely lacking for it…

  29. I'm so glad kids think dialup noises are scary now. Amazing.

  30. 18:00
    Joel: "I see you."
    Sirenhead: "nuh-uh. i'm a tree."

  31. 42:40 wasn't that his reoccuring nightmare?
    The one he explained on the Half Life 2 Episode 1 Live in the Half-Life Marathon?
    The one that scared the shit out of his dad?

  32. Joel not reading instructions and wondering why things don't work is extremely irritating to watch.

  33. tbh the game at 37:00 kinda looks like shit, it's clearly just high poly models and high res textures with a lazy vcr filter slapped on top

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