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[Vinesauce] Joel – Siren Head Itch.io Games Mini-Cut

Vargskelethor Joel: Mini Highlights
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00:00 – Intro
02:29 – PS1 Siren Head game
03:15 – BEEP
04:15 – Joel tries his luck again
04:59 – Kinda scary Siren Head Game
06:45 – Ice Cream Head
07:30 – Actually scary Siren Head Game
08:45 – Siren Head Sandwich
09:13 – REALLY Scary Siren Head Game
11:45 – Joel hunts Siren Heads
12:25 – Cute Siren Head Dating Game
13:57 – Outro


  1. I'm kinda concerned that Siren Head is going the route Slenderman did. Just turning into games of walking around dark forests finding shit, getting jumpscared, and that's it.

    Siren head is more interesting as creepy art and a concept of a monster, but problem is EVERYONE is going to saturate the fuck outta it, and before ya know it, he'll be another wash up monster no one forgets.

    Just wait, before you know it Hollywood will make a shitty Sirenhead Movie and that'll be that. Then something like FNAF will come out and save horror games by actually being creepy and haunting before it sells out to make ALOT of money.

  2. Joel: "Siren-head isn't that scary to be honest"

    1960s grey alien walks by


  3. It's a shame Joel cut that 20 minutes segment in the middle of the stream of him repeatedly trying and failing to not laugh at fart sounds over rick roll and the star wars theme

  4. What do they call those background images in between games? The one in this is really cool.

  5. I love that a siren head dating sim exists.

    "Oh baby, you make me wanna ERRRRR ERRRRR ERRRRR"

  6. Fitting that a highlight compilation of a cursed stream is made by a channel with 66.6k subs as of today 🙂

  7. The mini highlights channel has 66.6 subs
    Beautifully cursed

  8. Imagine dating a person and hearing a siren and saying "oh that's just my exe"

  9. $6.66 is super evil but then again you've got 66.6k subscribers

  10. I really hate all these people taking the piss out of trevor Henderson's great art

  11. People have mentioned it on Joels stream video but man, I feel kinda bad for the original creator of Siren Head (Trevor Henderson for those curious, he draws a lot of really cool horror designs) – not because his character is being memed up to no end (which looses the appeal to some) but because 95% of the time, people don't credit him at all. Hell the guy who made the Fallout 4 mod claimed that he was the original author of the design.
    That and the author apparently gets tons of messages like "Wooooow you should make this an SCP :))))"

  12. Weird how sirenhead got popular for a little bit, then went away, then became popular again because of memes

  13. Imagine Sirenhead chasing you while playing UFO PORNOOOOO


  15. Hey, you cut out the parts with the funny Halloween Star Wars Rick Astley farts! That was the cherry on top.

  16. I like how Siren Boi is just sitting in a tree until Joel makes enough walking noises, causing
    S I R E N H E A D P E N I S M O D E
    to activate.

  17. Yo wtf people shouldn't disrespect vanilla like that. It's the one true flavor.

  18. Trevor Henderson (the creator of Sirenhead) makes some really good horror art by the way so if y’all have any interest in that check him out

  19. One of these days I want a horror game that gives you a gun, but the gun doesn't do shit to who or whatever's after you

  20. Imagine walking in the woods and hearing, "Tetris 2000!" coming up behind you.

  21. Other people playing Siren: OH MY GOD THAT'S SCARY
    Joel: hahaha "QUACK" pffff ahahahahaha

  22. Joels little voice has had no change since 2016.

  23. See you all in ten years when Sony make a shitty movie based on sirenhead

  24. I still don't really understand why siren head caught on with little kids. Or even overall, like who thought "aha yes siren tower but it can walk, also, flesh."

  25. It's kind of sad that the most creative Siren Head game in this video is the dating sim where he calls you a basic bitch for ordering vanilla ice cream

  26. my upstairs neighbor dropped something heavy when it said "Your head exsplodes and you die" and it scared me so much my head exsploded and i died

  27. When Joel said Siren Head drifting I immediately thought of a shitty mobile game with awful graphics and you basically race as Siren Head in a shitty car…

  28. I like that clapping in the ice cream truck song I never knew it made that much more fun I 😄

  29. Dating sirenhead? looks like wet dream for a girl who always said "i dating tall guy"

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