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Top 5 Games of the Week!

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Top 5 Games of the Week! Enjoy the most fun games of this week!






We found the top 5 games on this week for you to play!

We are Bandsmen GAMES and on this channel Sam and Ben will be uploading funny gaming videos, playthroughs and reviews. Please consider subscribing if you’d like to help the Bandsmen out!

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  1. Hey guys! Don't forget to turn post notifications on so you can join my next livestream!

  2. Hi Sam! Thank you for putting our game AETER in the first place for this week! We will definitely look forward your suggestions for future game updates.
    To help you enjoy our game a bit more, we can suggest to use a more "coward" approach when fighting. You will see that it will become easier to overcome the enemies. Oh, and never hug the red guys 😉

    Thanks a lot and great video!

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