Top 5 FREE Battle Royale Games (.io Edition) -

Top 5 FREE Battle Royale Games (.io Edition)

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  1. In the first game you if you gets enough health boost you could win in the storm

  2. Can you accept my friend request on discord, please? I am MilkyWay#0888
    I want to say something to you that is a tip.

  3. No matter what .IO game comes out, will remain number one and CRUSH all of its opponents.

  4. I agree. Surviv is much more better than the other battle royale (io) games!

  5. I play zombos royal am a boy 11 year this is my mother mobile I have two I'd first I'd Mashood #1707 ans second superboy 3107

  6. Am your fun plz send me regust I will accpet nice video

  7. I knew that if zombsroyale was second then would be first and vice verse so when I saw zombsroyale get second I screamed with joy

  8. The rock that I live on crushed me. So I'm not doofus like Patrick.

  9. Ее!! Сурвив ио выйграло. Я обожаю Сурвив ио

  10. ZOMBS SHOULDNT BE ON THE LIST THEY COPY OTHER GAMES AND EVEN BRAG ABOUT IT! Also surviv's random placement of buildings and random spawn are also a part of what make the game unique

  11. List the issues to fix in ZR, i will bring them up to the devs

  12. ZR also has keybinds dawg, press the settings button

  13. You run faster in zombs Royale if your not holding a weapon

  14. What is the first song can someone tell me plz ;-;

  15. next time put a sign i cant understand you😡😡😡

  16. My fave are zombs and surviv btw I just started surviv so no wins yet but I have 9 wins in zombs

  17. i dont know what the 4 game was he voice is weird

  18. I think bulid royale is the best and zombs is the worst

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