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Top 20 Best .io Games of 2018!

Corrupt X
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2018 in .io games had a steady decline, and when 2018 was reached, there was less successful or original games. A lot of this is due to Fortnite, with many .io-focused YouTubers jumping ship. This didn’t help newer games, but there are still some that gained popularity and traction, from then to now.

Keep in mind, I did a lot of research to see what .io games were made in a specific year and so forth. If a game has not appeared on this list, it may be in the other videos.

Note: Some of this is my opinion and with reasons. If you disagree, feel free to comment.



  1. Why are you using the comunity opinion as another way of comparing the diferent games?
    Yes, did copy fortnite and
    Yes, people got mad and atacked it.
    But do the devs have the fault in that? I mean yes, they could have not copied fortnite. But what can the devs do to make a better game when what their comunity is saying is just negative things and pushing him down?

  2. Yeah had alot of potential. Shame the devs didnt knew what to do with it. Team mode, capture the point, boss mode, NPC. So many basic things

  3. Ah yes, CX uploaded in 01:00 AM
    Will i watch it? Yes.
    Will my sleep shedule get destroyed? Yes

  4. Well, it'$ good, now make 2019 best .io games.

  5. Someone still plays io me too buddy me too…. i miss 2015

  6. I remember being top 1 when I reach max level and I abandoned my base and just started raiding others

  7. What about It is an amazing 3d mmorpg .io game with pretty much no hackers lol

  8. Unfortunately, is specifically made with bots. By that I mean, you always play with bots. No exceptions. The names are always the same, the movements are often very similar.
    Personally, I think It shouldn't be at the list in any way, shape or form.

  9. i lterally played krunker when it first came out and its cool to c all the bandwagons coming to play

  10. Hey corrupt x, I made a base in one of the Miami servers, 39:18:0 just now and I think it’s unraidable. Could u maybe try and raid it? Thanks I would appreciate it if you tried.

  11. cool video you deserve more subscribers

  12. can u plz get a link for the games thx u (like)

  13. zombsroyale doesnt even has building features….

  14. Lucky for you, the Krunker hacker problem has almost completely been fixed
    Unlucky for you, however, the average skill level of the playerbase has shot way up

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