This .io Game SURPRISED Me! - -

This .io Game SURPRISED Me! –

MasterOv Games
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► This .io Game SURPRISED Me! – Chapter 1 Wild Streets Part 1

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► Recorded in 4K 60FPS using Elgato products


  1. “Welcome back MG clan” 😢 I miss the old days when MG was on top

  2. I play this game it's so much fun and u are so awesome

  3. Just started playing this myself – it's great!

  4. Ooooo I love IO games and I keep getting ads for this one so I was thinking about trying it

  5. That looked like a blast and I felt like the video was only 5 minutes long, it was lots of fun to watch

  6. Super wizard is a survival game too, with tons of magic fusions, tons of maps, tons of challenges…

  7. This game is awesome! Best vampire survivors clone

  8. Hahaha I've seen this game advertised on Facebook for the last couple of months. I'd definitely like to see more game plays. Thanks. Hope you're having fun.

  9. Played it for a month already,
    I realized that it was made by developers also made archerio which I used to play

  10. Play magic survival it's a way better version of this kind of game and it has a cool like dark and creepy vibe to it

  11. Helpful tip force field is cracked in the early levels but don’t go for the evo of it

  12. It's a blatant ripoff of vampire survivors. Except vampire survivors doesn't have a terrible store for everything.

  13. WoW
    Fantastic game, this was exciting!
    Yes, please play more if you enjoyed it too

  14. This is why I watch you bro, you find the best games!!! Keep it going!!!!!

  15. This looks like a awesome game!
    Thanks for playing it. Very fun to watch

  16. Here’s a tip for the game the guardian with the forcefeild is op

  17. Btw the evo means when you get something five stars you can prestige and I would recommend getting the drones force feild guardian and Molotov

  18. In first bit run trough little enemy’s with force field to istakill

  19. That first round hurt me so bad

    He passed the force field, the guardian, and the type-b drone..

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