This game copied vampire survivors... but is it good? - -

This game copied vampire survivors… but is it good? –

Bijuu Mike
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You guys asked me to try out since we played vampire survivors and I’m already hooked. I need to stop with these games

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  1. you should always choose force shield so you can be protected from the bee attacks

  2. Something you should do:
    Always get the force field first,and as you upgrade it,it gets REALLY REALLY strong

  3. This game is epic the only game that ads dont lie

  4. Best tip is to go for forcefield, soccerball, drillshot, guardian, weapon upgrade, and molotov or rpg (optional)

  5. I think vampire came out a month ago but survivor came out a long time ago but didn’t blow up until now

  6. 4:22 "For all i know vampire survivors is a copy of another game" WELL ITS THE GAME RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES

  7. What you did wrong is you're not upgrading your skills properly

  8. Energy drink and forcefield are good

  9. Bro the stupid vampire survivor is the knock of dumby

  10. Random fact for this game: this game out a few months before vampire survivors did

  11. Fun fact this game was made before vampire survivors so vampire survivors copied survivor io

  12. nah this game sounds kinda like subway surfers

  13. I was obsessed with this game for such a long time 😭
    (Edit: I literally got an ad for the game on this video- 😭💀)

  14. Thares evo at the bottoms of certain items and they can evolve other items if the other items are at max upgrades does that make since? I’ll see all the evolves and tell them to you LOVE the gameplay ❤️

  15. its mainly just a mobile version than a copy

  16. "GIMME HAM GIMME HAM GIMME HAM" proceeds to walk by it

  17. Did you actually know if you get force field and put force field five star an energy drink you can get a force barrier it says this is my domain

  18. I like the part when you were at the bees level and you were like ah no

  19. Can you play chapter 2 I wanna see your video again

  20. You saw the brick but there was a force field it was gonna be good


  22. triggered me so much
    forcefieald = bad
    baseball bat = bad
    drones = meh
    RPG = meh
    guardian = good
    soccer ball = good
    molitov = good
    durian = good
    laser device thing = good
    brick = good
    drill = good
    kunai = good

  23. Fun fact: vampire survivors is free on mobile

  24. I absolutely hate how games like these just steal potential players from vampire survivors. Like, just why, WHY do people keep defending money grabs like these.

  25. It’s over monetized bad looking and a ripoff so it’s not any good

  26. Hi Great video! And I know that im a lil late but you can totally be a f2p player in this game and succeed, im f2p and at chapter 24

  27. All of this is in VampireSurvivors. This game sucks.

  28. 5:40 Yeah but here’s the weird part vampire survivors is on mobile for FREE with NO FORCED ADS so why would you ever play this?

  29. Vampire survivor copied another game itself so pretty hard to say somebody else copied it.

  30. Be my friend at that game I’m a proooooo

  31. that game that hes playing also copied lonelyservivor

  32. Why do you promote this stupid knock of to your subs. This game is just made to make money and to never make you stop playing. Pls play a beter game and not this shit

  33. This is not a game. It is an clicking app designed to be addicting and suck money from brain-dead people that don't have even minimal gaming skills, so they will pay for power to create some kind of "I'm a good player" illusion. This thing does not have even one original or creative thought behind it. The people who made it are the same as drug dealers.

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