This Crazy New Shark Destroys Everything In -

This Crazy New Shark Destroys Everything In

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Welcome to! is an undersea adventure! is an io game like! Watch more

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Welcome to! The brand new addictive free game with crazy gamelay. is similar to games like and games like and games like and games like where gameplay revolves around eating smaller animals and energy bubbles to gain experience. Use that experience to gain levels and become new giant fish!

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  1. Im a fish im a fish i cant drink air -Blitz 2020

  2. U need to hold ur boost twice by the srchher fish it's checks will fill up and if u boost ur thing to green it spits

  3. None of the new animals were in the cave (except the climbing one). All the first cave tiers were in the old version too.

  4. Most of the animal's you thought were new, are actually old

  5. New animals don't have any descriptions, which is how you identify what's new

  6. The archerfish in real life actually shoots very accurate streams of water to snipe bugs off of roots in swamp areas (or something like that, idk where they actually live) so the bugs get knocked into the water for the fish to eat.

  7. Blitz for you Atlantic torpeodo is a electric stingray.


  9. Am I the only one that's upset that he plays with that zoom

  10. there is a pool on the top right corner.

  11. The only thing i am saying is humbolt…

  12. Blitz: can I eat a coconut nut? No a barracuda can't eat a coconut

    Those are bird droppings Blitz not coconuts

  13. Hello in turkey ! ♥

    nice video

    I've been playing the game for years, but Turkish language translations are wrong

    and .. mostly bug in the game

    and I want a different server for people in every language

    talking to people or being a team forces me

    i hope you understand what i said thanks

  14. I'm an Australian, and I'M GODDAMN PROUD WE'RE UPSIDE DOWN!

  15. i hate people who just go out of there to eat people

  16. Lol meh nick name is bonk so he killed me in game

  17. Joshua Thomas Macalintal Soliman Pietro Soliman says:

    I'm sorry you kinda suck, mobile is better on site.

  18. Haven’t played the game is 4years most of the time a was like when did they add taht

  19. U can tell it's cold because of the wat it is

  20. The animal blitz was at the start is the equivalent of Toph from avatar the last air bender if she could see at all

  21. The turtle before the leatherback can farm lion mane jellyfish

    It gives you 50k xp per one

  22. You should do tiger shark next because it can become almost invisible when it’s near ground

  23. whoa im a blind fish that's so cool!
    -blitz 2020

  24. you now you can zoom to see more territory?


  25. This was posted on my bday
    And it was my favourite thing to whach
    (Bity playing

  26. Wait
    Is the Australia thing true???
    Is it actually upside down??

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