This Crazy New Shark Destroys Everything In -

This Crazy New Shark Destroys Everything In

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Welcome to! is an undersea adventure! is an io game like! Watch more

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Welcome to! The brand new addictive free game with crazy gamelay. is similar to games like and games like and games like and games like where gameplay revolves around eating smaller animals and energy bubbles to gain experience. Use that experience to gain levels and become new giant fish!

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  1. At the top there is a zoom button and if you zoom out you can see a predator coming
    Dont know how you don't know this yet but here you go

  2. حلو اوي انا اول واحد مصري يعلق استمر يا بطل

  3. Wobbegong shark is weird in real life…

  4. Dislike this comment just because I said so.

  5. My favorite strategy is to start as the piranha and stay as it until you get to T8, then branch off to the routes for your desired T10. Piranha are very had to kill as a full swarm in the deeeep

  6. archer fish uses water to shoot down bugs from trees(i think)

  7. The goblin shark had to die to eat you.

  8. Oh what's that thing? OH NO ITS EATING ME! Blitz 2020

  9. I really want you to try the pufferfish, it's really good with escaping when it puffs, it's poisons, it damages the thing that hit it, and it blocks some hitpoints, it can even beat max level creatures, and not much people use it for some reason

  10. 2015- io games blow up
    2017 -fOrTnItE
    2020- the two games that include jelly bean people also known as fall guys and among us

  11. I killed a whale his name was turtle

    -blitz 2020

  12. u noob! I can do soooooo much better. and I actually know the evolution chains

  13. the archer fish u were has the ability to blow a strong blow of water

  14. The people are now mean in the game):

  15. How dare you call the axolotl ugly they are buetiful

  16. i can barley level up in this game because everyones after me for no reason
    its annoying.

  17. Maybe try coconut crab, octopus then mantis shrimp, You can climb trees, best at land, charge boost to I like yo cut g

  18. This guy was my childhood and still he Is so entertaining

  19. You saw me the What air balloon for the rest of your life you can never see me again

  20. This is my favorite io game. But this update was 1 year ago. So.. another update takes long time. Haven't see the patch notes yet.

  21. Παναγιωτης Λυμπεροπουλος says:

    There is an update coming out soon and you might not want to miss it!

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