The Worst Games I Could Find -

The Worst Games I Could Find

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Playing The Worst Games I Can Find

Today, we are playing a pile of games that I found on the website. These games may contain malicious software as well who knows, but I am here to show you what kind of games are being created that are not so official. I hope you enjoyed the video! Please drop a like and a comment, it would be greatly appreciated! 😀

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  1. What did itchy man do to you 😭:Also congrats on 900K u can make it to 100k U got this

  2. is it just me or is the music that plays at 28:18 kinda sounds like music that would play in the walking dead when the governor pulls up to the prison and starts causing trouble.

  3. Tranium playing horror games is so fucking funny

  4. i'll watch the ads since you killed hitler

  5. I wonder what chord Drake was trying to strike

  6. do good games next! i found a good one called super auto pets that actually got put on steam!

  7. Thank u for playing ichi man my friend made that🤤🤤‼️

  8. I’m the kid in the Ichi-Man 2 game 6:00 😭😭 My friend (@CuhJit) made this game. The Ichi in the title is apart of my first name Ichiro. Also, this is a rare occurrence to see so thank u for playing 😄😄

  9. Hey Tranium, im the developer of Ichi-Man. Just wanted to say thanks for playing my garbage game, never thought a YouTuber I actually watch would play it lol

  10. hey flying gorilla is an amazing top tier game its my favorite game of all time

  11. "Im not doing long devision for you" is fucking hilarious at 19:54

  12. 0 secs and 0 views bro fell off ☠️☠️☠️

  13. This is top fire shit broski think's he is qzeq

  14. Good that you manage to kill hitler, hitlers don't just kill themselves.

  15. Maybe different on other people's terms. Normal to you.😂

  16. Why is the drake game so stupidly funny

  17. We gotta get markiplier on TNAEI (two nights at Epstein Island))

  18. I mean, quite literally anyone can put a game on Steam too xd.

  19. 1:30 Bro that hippity games character is literally stolen artwork from The Escapists

  20. call of Gruty with Ultrakill music is quite the sight

  21. Now I need your desktop background it goes hard

  22. I put this question on a video you did three weeks ago you recover information on flash drives. I have a flash drive. I want to recover old photos on family members and my pets that I lost. What program do you use? Can you let me know so I can download it onto my laptop, pleaseso I can recover from that flash drive. Sincerely Chuck.

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