The WORST Horror Games on ITCH.IO (Bad Games) -

The WORST Horror Games on ITCH.IO (Bad Games)

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Like: 3610 has lots of indie horror games. Here are the worst ones.

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The WORST Horror Games on ITCH.IO (Bad Games)
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  1. He uploaded it the day before Halloween 🗿

  2. Qzeq I would love too click the join button but I'm broke can I pay with a sacrifice of an orphan?

  3. nice intro, i love this like i love my life (in alternate dimension)

  4. Emoji Backrooms is actually made from a realy popular german youtuber he made it for a horror game youtuber

  5. qzeq how do you find those super ultimate quality games what

  6. You look like a combo Between hooja and dr disrespect, I love your videos keep up the good work my man❤️

  7. the emoji backrooms was made by an german youtube names mr luchs

  8. You are almost!!! at 100k subscribers your channel grow supper fast 🤯🤯

  9. e4ragouiserguihseriugh FUNALLY NEW QUZEG TING VIDEO

  10. These are HIGH QUALITY content your making qzeq ❤ ! , I love this kinds of video! 😁 , and also i recomended some bootlegs rip-offs of games! for another video🙄!

  11. 1:59 as a student teached by Baldi i confirm that the reaction is 101% accurate

  12. Qzeq you just got sued for leaking Fall Guys: Ohio update

  13. 4:26
    This is Russian
    The name of the game:
    "Game in which you play as dwarf and thicc Shreks falling from the sky. Can you survive?"

  14. Qzeg Faith unholy trinity fully released on steam and its great,maybe you could do a lets play on that? chapters 1 2 and 3 all have different endings

  15. The 2. Game is from mrluchs a german youtuber and all in the game is german

  16. bruh you sound like the guy from radio in csgo 💀

  17. Emoji backrooms is from a german youtuber (Mr. Luchs)

  18. beta qzeq acting like nothing happened after he banned me from his server with no explanation and warning and without me breaking the rules

  19. congrats in advance for reaching 100k subs 💜☺️

  20. Funfact: Emoji backrooms Was made by a german youtuber cslled MrLuchs!

  21. The backrooms game is german

    U know what that means, my not-german friends…

  22. Top 10 best YouTubers (if JT didnt send)

  23. Im Glenn qagmire Im Glenn qagmire Im Glenn qagmire

  24. The backrooms is from a German YouTuber called Yannick, love to see it here.

  25. The youtuber who created the second Game (the backrooms Game) is a German youtuber called @mrluchs

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