The ULTIMATE OMEGA Attack ROBOT! - Atomega Gameplay - New Game Like io Game -

The ULTIMATE OMEGA Attack ROBOT! – Atomega Gameplay – New Game Like io Game

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Welcome to Atomega! Atomega is a game like an io game where you grow, fight, collect, and evade in a cosmic arena! Grab pixels to transform your Atom into an OMEGA!

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Atomega Gameplay Overview:

Grow, fight, collect and evade in the last cosmic arena at the very end of time. Acquire MASS to evolve your EXOFORM from the nimble ATOM to the godlike OMEGA and compete for fun and dominance in a fast-paced, multiplayer shooter. ATOMEGA™ !

It is the very end of time. Reality dissolves like cotton candy in a puddle and all that exists are EXOFORMS, super advanced post-biological lifeforms; masters of matter and energy and the last, distant relative to man and machine. As the laws of physics slowly repeal the EXOFORMS fight for fun and dominance, replaying the final moments of the universe over and over in the last arena that will ever exist.

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Atomega Gameplay Features:

– 1st person retro-arena shooter. FIGHT LIKE IT’S THE END OF TIME!
– A single arena on the brink of destruction. MASTER YOUR LAST MOMENTS!
– Compete online with up to 8 players. COMPETE FOR GLORY!
– Collect Mass to evolve through 7 EXOFORMs from nimble ATOM to OMEGA each with different strengths, weaknesses and tactical advantages. BIGGER IS BETTER!
– Sustain OMEGA form to dominate the arena.
– Collect 10 HACKS to temporally boost your abilities. WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING!

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Download Atomega on Steam:

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Special thanks to Ubisoft for providing a free press download

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  1. Blitz you shoot Doom cus you never be a omega

  2. Hay that is like hairy Porter when he sed sideway not

  3. Unfair for blitz when he killing someone someone else kill him

  4. I watch You,Drea,and Ctop what are you other friend's channels called

  5. It's like that old monster game for the PS2

  6. Doom is such a good friend, He let Blitz kill him so that Blitz could finally get to try the omega

  7. Do a video were you guys are friendly and become Omega all of you

  8. at the end he got an achievement called "what a waster" since he didn't get the proper end

  9. "you know nothing john snow" is a reference to a youtube video titled that. its the story of John Snow told by Extra Credits

  10. This came out 1 year ago so why is everyone watching this? ;-;

  11. Wow Blitz get your numbers right Dregassed shot you four times not 2

  12. 🍞🍠🌶🥐🍰🍮⚾️🎱🏈🎖🥇🥈🥉🏅🎖🎮🎆HI Blitz!

  13. Has anyone else became Omega more than 50seconds

  14. Wow you're not good at this game lawsuit big guy with a small does retire playing i shown it on youtube

  15. You and baron should team and call your team the b team

  16. If this came to console it would be the new 2018 fortnite

  17. who remembered how it was suggested back in December 2019

  18. I hated watching this i kept getting angry bc you were being trash

  19. I just figured it out. The name? Atomega? It's literally "At omega."

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