The ULTIMATE OMEGA Attack ROBOT! - Atomega Gameplay - New Game Like io Game -

The ULTIMATE OMEGA Attack ROBOT! – Atomega Gameplay – New Game Like io Game

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Welcome to Atomega! Atomega is a game like an io game where you grow, fight, collect, and evade in a cosmic arena! Grab pixels to transform your Atom into an OMEGA!

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Atomega Gameplay Overview:

Grow, fight, collect and evade in the last cosmic arena at the very end of time. Acquire MASS to evolve your EXOFORM from the nimble ATOM to the godlike OMEGA and compete for fun and dominance in a fast-paced, multiplayer shooter. ATOMEGA™ !

It is the very end of time. Reality dissolves like cotton candy in a puddle and all that exists are EXOFORMS, super advanced post-biological lifeforms; masters of matter and energy and the last, distant relative to man and machine. As the laws of physics slowly repeal the EXOFORMS fight for fun and dominance, replaying the final moments of the universe over and over in the last arena that will ever exist.

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Atomega Gameplay Features:

– 1st person retro-arena shooter. FIGHT LIKE IT’S THE END OF TIME!
– A single arena on the brink of destruction. MASTER YOUR LAST MOMENTS!
– Compete online with up to 8 players. COMPETE FOR GLORY!
– Collect Mass to evolve through 7 EXOFORMs from nimble ATOM to OMEGA each with different strengths, weaknesses and tactical advantages. BIGGER IS BETTER!
– Sustain OMEGA form to dominate the arena.
– Collect 10 HACKS to temporally boost your abilities. WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING!

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Download Atomega on Steam:

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Special thanks to Ubisoft for providing a free press download

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  1. Random person in my game: Shoots my tail
    me: DON'T TOUCH TAIL Turns into omega
    Random person: Wait what

  2. I just figured out atomega evolving process is the same to the human evolving process!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. I FOUND IT FINALLY I’ve been looking for this video for sooo long.

  4. How are there so little comments and so many views?

  5. Can you do more of this game? It was amazing in my opinion!

  6. Omega is robot that cant be damaged by other players but omega is max lvl and it will dye after bit of time😉

  7. Blitz died so many times that I got mad

  8. Wait if ubisoft created this then….does that mean he's the owner of hungry shark ????????

  9. Oh my I watched one of my fav you tubers play this game like 2 years ago then I lost it and it took me 2 years to find it finally yes

  10. Remember when this game was brand new cause I do it was neat

  11. I was looking for this. Then gave up and now stumbled upon this

  12. Facereveal all of you even baron you know what if if ou do it both in a same location same video same cam

  13. I heard megatron level and ripping me and my mind went straight to that scene from the first movie

  14. do more off this or im unsubscribing

  15. I forgot about this i miss watching this type of games

  16. It’s been 3 years from when I last watched this it makes me feel old but why isn’t there another video this game was good. I can understand if the devs stopped updating or something but just no vid was ever post on either of their channels after this.

  17. Ive been rewatching this video for the past 4 years

  18. I watched this before few years ago and I've been looking for ages for this video

  19. Why doesn't he make more atomega content? 2 million views???

  20. Drachma no timing dlitz hay daron shan’t to team

  21. You do dum you i d e t you keep on going in battle

  22. And it is so cool also youer other Friends are very very mean

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