The ULTIMATE Island BASE! - Game - New io game! -

The ULTIMATE Island BASE! – Game – New io game!

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Welcome to! is a new io game where you build up a raft and survive! It plays a lot like and made by the developer! ► Join Blitz on Discord:

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Captain Baron:

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Face sharks, create tribes, and push your survival skills to the limits in this brand new game. The game plays like a combination of and and a game called Raft. Gather supplies like thatch, wood, and metal. Use these materials to craft tools to build the raft over the ocean! Defend your raft against shark attacks and other players.

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Play Free:

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  1. Blitz: "oh look a cute little tree"
    Baron: "IMA CHOP IT!"

  2. He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    He Big Shaq

  3. They should add pirate stuff, I would love to see that, like cannons and sails, and swords

  4. Hey Blitz can you play more Space Bob vs. The Replicons

  5. Framrate lag is client side (you) not server side (the game) so the lag is your conputer or internet's fault not the game's fault

  6. Blitz u should fix the engine room leak in subnautica

  7. Another great video blitz I love your vids keep it up

  8. It's fun but the constant lag ruins the experience and makes you so frustrated you want to break your PC because the lag gets you killed.

  9. oh heck yeah!! waterworld is amazing!! ever since i watched it ive wanted to be a being that can well breathe under water (obvs lol) kevins best movie personaly loved the bandits on that HUGE a** ship the way it blew my mind lol xx epic such a shame not many like it so oh welp they not fish like us spud :)- xx

  10. Lol I just played this with out realizing it. I heard talking and couldn’t find where it was coming from, I stoped and heard Blitz. My brain: BLITZ IS IN THE- oh wait…

  11. Blitz you should check out glor .io with baron I think you would both really like it it is very similar to this but without the lag! 😀

  12. Suggestion: build a giant boat surrounding an island

  13. make a cool video on united states server rite NOW!!!!!!!!

  14. Blitz I think your awesome, you take a lot out of your day to this. You aren't a Dweeb that plays one vid a week! What I'm trying to say that you amazing, awesome, and friendly

  15. Yo I can't even believe that I actually played on the same server as Blitz I even saw his clan and all at number one and I was called Nick I had a little island myself

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