The Rise And Fall Of .io Games -

The Rise And Fall Of .io Games

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The Rise And Fall Of .io Games. Made The Genre Popular With Its Release In 2015. After That Came Games Like,, And Others.
But Their Time To Shine Has Past A Long Time Ago, And Today, We Talk About How It All Happened, The History Of .io Games!
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  1. Hi Hi shxdow !Did you watch ova version of hellsing ? U sound exactly like young Walter (and is uniquely attractive.

  2. you have a bright future in content creation

  3. agario fell because of clans. they kept bullying other players on ffa server.

  4. The guy called yuukrp is stealing your content, I think you should copyright it?

  5. agar slither moomoo mope diep, best games ever. moomoo was my favorite, there was just too much exploiters and server crashers nowadays that its unplayable

  6. so many good games, i returned to my favourite underrated games just to find them completely empty

  7. I think in 2021 your channel will grow very much😏

  8. Smh once you turn into a "funny daily moments channels" That's like….. that's how you know you down bad and just collecting that ad revenue

    Also good ass video my man for somebody that sounds so young you also sound professional asf

  9. Dude, you are really good btw. Great research and great presentation. Keep it up, you will grow huge!

  10. This was super cool to learn about! Jeez, it's sad what happens to some of these youtubers when their genre dies.

  11. Amazing video, just subscribed!What video editing do you use btw love the style!

  12. He used .io because in the original 4chan post he made, in the comments someone suggested naming it agar, and then someone else followed with naming it

  13. Dude how do you only have 600 subs? This is quality content.

  14. actually this genre is a perfect fit for today – small, bright, a bit stupid and super amazing way to cure stress. And as much of soft is moving to browsers now, IO games will sooner or later have their second life that could be even more bright than the first start)

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