The Next Game - (500M Score) -

The Next Game – (500M Score)

Corrupt X
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Here lies another inspired .io game: Rather new, and you can play as a celestial once you reach level 60 in game, something which may actually be really good for the game if done correctly. With a bunch of new upgrades and different ideas, this could go somewhere.

This marks the 4th .io game inspired by

0:00 Part 1
8:59 Part 2


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  1. in FFA i have the the world record of lagg 50k ms wtfff
    but that one its 2rd i have in 1st powerful lag is 100k WTF

  2. THE 1ST person have 100 000 ms its a hacker wtfff

  3. this game is stupid aras ,io i only the best

  4. yeah, so i used to be a fan of the io game genre. those were much simpler times, but not as simple as 2012. really miss those old days of the internet.

  5. Yo, I saw you 3 times yesterday playing this game. I was at school when you asked me if I was subscribed or not, and the answer is yes, I am subscribed.

  6. while i was playing that game as void reaver i think someone pretend to be you
    and you was like: WTF, kill me, kill me, kill me

  7. Since a lot of players now joining, there were frequent pink strikes

  8. i can imagine someone botting the server for a ton of fallens to lag the server

  9. This game isn't as good as woomy to be honest. Just my opinion. I still think the dev did well on this game tho.

  10. Noo way i got smasher by luck smol to level 20 by luck try out 😆😆😆😆😆

  11. it would be nice in a future update to have more Boss tank to transform like the sumoner and fallen in level 60 beyond the pentagon quarter.

  12. can we get some EU server ? cause i have 2k ms idk why

  13. either laggy controlls or late inputs cause each time i try to move it does not work

  14. Hoe to im move cuz when im join im cant move and my tank goes only to a direction and is really hard to use

  15. The amalgam tank is literally a Twin Trapper+Twin+Overseer lol, and if Used with Mothership (right side upgrade from battleship from something from hangar) it's an added Overlord

  16. My feelings about the toxic guy. : Grow up dude, hes just trying to play yet you come trash talk for no literal reason and literaly use admin to beat this youtuber. I am disapointed in you.

  17. good game but it has a lot of bugs like delayed mobility but I can't say anything it's in alpha phase

  18. Now that guy watching this vid is probably wondering that he said ' ur fake' to the real one WHEN HE'S RECORDING

  19. i played it and i was presing w and ball go down best game

  20. the game is cool and has some nice ideas, but the lag is too much, and you die constantly

  21. So a diep.imo ripoff…?

  22. this is like a commercial this guy having perfect performance but the game itself to laggy

  23. Man this game looks really interesting but it's so laggy T_T

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