The FORBIDDEN games... (Bad Games) -

The FORBIDDEN games… (Bad Games)

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I finally went too far and absolutely melted down my PC with bad games. Some of these are the worst games ever made! (and some are actually ok). Navigate the laughter-filled journey of Skibidi Toilet. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the toilet-headed madness. Explore the quirky world of skibidi toilet wiki now!

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The FORBIDDEN games… (Bad Games)
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  1. 5:14 this game is a mod for baldi basics
    And i made a mod too i wish you play it in the next video!

  2. qzeq you do really well in youtube keep rotting your pc

  3. You accidentally added a few games from your other videos. For example every game including big iron and all of them after it

  4. Poor laughing man can't catch a break.

  5. Eat your vitamin, say your prayers , RIDE THE STORM , BROTHER

  6. I have alot of fun watching your videos 😂

  7. Holy fuck qzeq was finally applauding new videos finally 😊😊

  8. After watching a bunch of videos from qzeq I feel like creating a game for him myself definitely wont have any virus erm.. so anyways maybe for Christmas "qzeq the Santa"

  9. that first game was a tutorial made by jimmy vegas

  10. When qzeq uploads you know its gonna be a banger

  11. siema polsko fajnie go trolujecie a i macie mrufke?

  12. Nice to see some passion projects instead of blatant re-skin cashgrabs.

  13. As a puertorrican, i crack at the way you pronounce spanish words💀💀
    1:11 you pronounced most of it pretty good ngl, impressive 😉

  14. Oh Jesus I saw a polish sentence in your video (Witaj Przybyszu). I absolutely love how you read it. If you wanted to know it's our polish "Hello comrade".

  15. So a new Petersans moment, hell yeah, a hood classic

  16. Hey Qzeq ,
    Please play my game named – Awaken Nights

  17. drgiuysdfhgiusdahfgyaewiruoawhdsfyhaeusyohfoa8ud7yfgdfgd

  18. Hello guys 👋😎Have you joined the discord yet? 🥺👉👈
    (also some clips are from a video i removed a few weeks ago oops)

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