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Like: 471 started cycling over past Seasons, which means there will never be a new season! And the game will possibly never be updated, and will die…

3 epic and (old) games of desert with 19 kills!



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  1. so sad moment, but this is my first game to i do youtube <5 years > so long nerd

  2. I love this game and i used to play it all the time. And i cant log into my account anymore please help with this. I have surviv on steam and one day it just logged me out of my account. I tried to log back in and it did nothing. And i cant even join the surviv discord to say something. Please help

  3. thats really sad… 😔. started making videos myself to post on YT (and did) and now its going to be a different vibe. Hey, but u didnt quit. 👍

  4. Is that gameplay of thesedays or is it a old gameplay ?

  5. what a waste of such a great game with awesome potential

  6. i never leave this game.

  7. You had 8 kills once and i killed u but still gg i was so happy i was on a squad like 4 times with you too

  8. i did even get items from that pass. but i still hope that kongregate will do something. them did add clan update when this game was dying, so i guess it still possible that them will make an update.and my friend did left from account and we have no idea how to let him join it.
    P.S. I did joined surviv io. i cant join any game and i am not in acc but i have prestige arena button and i can see goods in shop.

  9. The game has been so neglected to the point where this happened. The really sad thing is if they actually stopped updating and ruining the game like the log in, this wouldn't have happened. Just 2 months ago, the game was fine. Now there's going to be another decrease in players and it might even get shut down.

  10. It was my most favorite io game in the whole world and it's too bad it's gone 😔

  11. I'm seeking the path to the past. Who's with me?

  12. uhhh….. i watch u at 2019 that was a nice time but now i cant login to my account and cant play at official site:((((

  13. This really sucks. I've been playing nearly since the start of the game, but took a break for a solid 1 1/2 years. Coming back, the game was still good but it was neglected. I played a couple of days ago and it seems good, but going back to it today, for some reason, there were only 3-10 players every match, often being either bots or actual players.

  14. sad, i enjoy playing this game during 2018 to 2022 but i have to says something : the game died bcs of hackers not only for Kong bcs when he buyed it he try to make surviv more fun with new maps and new things (during one year) but then he abandonned bcs hackers always found way to hack. So this game died sadly like a lot of other io games. Goodbye Surviv ! 🙁

  15. It's sad, especially that I can't log in anymore. I really hoped to see more growth and epic moments on my own but that time might never pass.

  16. goodbye surviv i knew something was wrong when they didn't put on Halloween mode this year

  17. even though the game had hackers, toxic players, shitty allies that Ivan left the game just because you had a PKP and he didn't. this game was kept as a game that did not need pay to win. I think the only reason for his death was that he did not generate much income because the pass was free and it took away ads. Ads are a source of money and there you don't have it. How are you going to maintain a game?

  18. I am going to give you a breath of hope. maybe a good person wants to redo the game and put it back in service. and the game returns

  19. This is really sad. Why did they make it so absolute???? What does kong have against surviv?? This has been my favorite game….

  20. but gameiro it hurts that surviv has died but what will happen to you

  21. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭amaba el puto juego 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. quisiera encontrame con tigo para enseñarte quien manda

  23. Anyone remember that one time last time game mode of halloween? I think it was on 2019. That was fun, but never made it back idk why 😢

  24. Maybe they will come out with a new season if more people make cool skin ideas

  25. This change will effectively destroy the buying and selling system. People can get the items from over 3 years ago, the stuff that is really expensive in the shop will become cheaper and cheaper.

  26. Que triste :'(, a pesar de que ya no lo jugaba tanto como antes debido a las tareas lo seguía disfrutando un poco, me hubiera gustado de que antes de que abandonen el juego hubiesen añadido el último modo Halloween que tanto esperaba.

    Adiós survivio, te irá mejor en el cielo.

  27. I haven't touched on this game since July and, why should I be surprised. NA servers can't even seem to fill up to 40 per game, and with four modes at once with 16 different sub-servers it doesn't help. And now they got rid of the one thing that made up most of the updates since last year, which means no updates for possibly never. I just checked the game and less than 400 people are online at the same time, half of what a single NA server had five months ago. If this game gets shut down or sold away sometime next year, I won't be shocked, just hoping that my 25k+ games don't get erased forever without being archived somewhere.

  28. Anyways , at least kongregate will sell the game AT LEAST

  29. I played this game from the start, and i never thought it would end this way, rip

  30. oh it's a shame(currently the game still has errors to log in)

  31. so sad to hear that but some people didnt play the old season can play the seson1-12 thanks gamerio with you the game is still alive

  32. era un buen juego yo lo jugaba desde que salio me retire del juego cuando los hacker se volvieron insoportables en cada partida que jugaba

  33. I think it s not end of game i have much more ideas and surviv be quit on ideas is jungle and new weapon 40 mm is m32 or mgl-s but tomorrow i have plan how save surviv io but it s tomorrow and i wan t say what Gamerio can do for your fans remember video there you try get awm-s from eye crate and do video there you got m79 and pecemaker in normal mode.

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