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Taming.io Latest Update! New Cooking *POTIONS*

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Taming.io Latest Update! New Cooking *POTIONS*

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00:08 New Update Leaks! New Cook *POTIONS*
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  1. you dont need to use boostpad while bug cathing if you got hammer. hammer is faster than bugs if its not like amethys , after amethys you need marlou hat + hammer to catch it. if you ask ''then why go over ruby'' cuz you will unlock golden bug net that will increase chance to catch.

  2. bruh 20 seconds worth of the actual content we all came to see, the rest is just gameplay montage

  3. i wonder wut potions will do for u in game

  4. just 5 minutes ago i made a level 50 fire fox my top pet

  5. D: pls that update sooooooooooooo op

  6. I Wonder what potions will be with majestic bug i have 2 XD

  7. when ur pets are low and they'd get healed instantly with a new potion.

  8. Bro my friend told me this and he said baby reapers but its sus

  9. I'm so exited even if quit taming xd
    I should back play taming or not?

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