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Taming.io 20k Golden Apple Unboxing #tamingio #iogames

Major Meowzer
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Taming.io 20k Golden Apple Unboxing. On the channel, we do taming.io gameplay, taming.io raids, taming.io guides, how to play, kill compilations, and much more!

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20k Golden Apple Unboxing
Overedited Taming.io MONTAGE
120,000 Golden Apple Unboxing
140,000 Golden Apple Unboxing

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Song: Elektronomia – Vitality [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
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0:00 Intro
0:24 Ancient Chests
1:14 Pet Chests
1:58 Ancient Chests Again
3:41 I Have All The Pets

#tamingio #iogames


  1. 乱乱玩荒野乱斗的人(冲1000订阅中) says:

    pls give code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. how is it going?.incredible shots, see you later-frined! 🎥

  3. Why did you start unlock pet chests? How foolishly. If you don't need gapples you can buy giftcode!

  4. Hey do u see my comment? Hope u can buy gapple now

  5. I have 82 krunpus I grind I keep die ;-; weee


  6. pls do a kill complete,and use 3 keumpus to kill ppls

  7. do a mod where you become a pet, and then u have 3 of the same type of that pet. maybe yellow scorpion with a spear, and the ablity could be when u use the spear

  8. can you help me unlock dargon i need 14 more :(☹

  9. Wish you good luck on taming and get a lot of kills, nice video BTW!

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