Red Sword of Disorder VS Chapter 99 Gameplay - Red Sword of Disorder VS Chapter 99 Gameplay

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  1. still a shameful copy of vampire survivors, at least play the real game

  2. Where can I download the unli gems and money? Anyone please?

  3. idk why everybody makes fun of this game it good

  4. I have seen many videos that many people prefer to use the stylish belt than the eternal belt, and the eternal is supposed to be more powerful…. why?

  5. Es mejor el equipamento clase S blanco o el negro?

  6. Wow, you passed this chapter with SoD, this weapon is really good with Tsukiyomi, as she has that skill. Also Force Barrier is a good skill for this weapon.

  7. What is the difference between red and yellow sword of disorder

  8. thanks dude, this is what I needed 😀 I'm a couple away from red LS (have red kunai and VP, mostly f2p) and wanted to know if I should bother with the disorder chests and/or change my pick from LS to the new one. I think I'll keep it on LS for now and get this one later

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