STRONGEST & BIGGEST BASE EVER!! | | Games Like | Part 1 -

STRONGEST & BIGGEST BASE EVER!! | | Games Like | Part 1

MasterOv Games
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WORLD RECORD HIGHSCORE..!!! | | Games Like | Part 1
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♫ Featured Tracks (Tracklist):

Unison – Translucent
Audioscribe – Skyline
Defqwop – Heart Afire (Ft. Strix)
Jo Cohen & Sex Whales – We Are
Audioscribe – Free Fall
Mendum – One Third
Laszlo – Here We Are
Vanze feat. Brenton Mattheus – Forever
Different Heaven – Far Away (Phantom Sage Remix)
High Maintenance feat. Charlotte Haining – Change Your Ways
Fytch – Blinded (ft. Kosta & Theo Hoarau)
JPB feat. Ashley Apollodor – Defeat The Night
NAIMA – Let Me See You
13 DM Galaxy feat. Aloma Steele – Bad Motives
RedMoon & Meron Ryan – Heavyweight
Music Predators – Adventure Time
Up in Flumes – T-Mass
Vena Cava feat. Jorden Virelli – Handsonic
Electro-Light – Symbolism


  1. “I like accepting people” doesnt accept the first two people that want to join

  2. …. how is someone so bad at a competitive game. he doesn't even food spam…

  3. No sabes regenerarte pero igual like

  4. Last number of likes is what food you is

    8.🍑 thiccccccc

  5. Play moomoo. Io sandbox because you don't need to collect mats unless for ageing and you can put unlimited stuff

  6. Who has ever got 30k as first place??
    I did before but I died like 7 minutes after that because there was a freakin try hard that killed me and who got a Assassin hat before(I did) not the same game as the 30k game

  7. So.. nones gunna talk about the huge delay in the sound?

  8. C̸r̸y̸c̸o̸l̸s̸a̸l̸i̸ THE BEAST says:

    👑 [MG] MastorOv [MG] Adam

  9. Try sandbox… MUCH more fun… You can put an infinit amount of stuff without mining!

  10. Advice from top 20 player of moomoo press q and use numbers and increase ur cps

  11. the intro is exactly what happened to me in moomoo 10 mins ago

  12. Anybody know that game bop it well… This is how you kill someone with a knife bop it twist it pull it.

  13. Ahhh the old days were there were no hackers

  14. You should’ve chose cookie because stone wall is trash at these day

  15. DO MOREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Masterov pls let’s 1v1 it will be fun :)))))))

  17. it¨s sad looking at what moomoo io used to be i remember this game being my childhood now it is full of hackers if u used to play moomoo io i reccomend playing taming io

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