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Hi everyone and welcome to my channel! I am pleased to present to you the best moments of gameplay, a very fun, epic and cool video with many skins unlocked in this amazing game. In this video I’m playing from zero to hero with amazing records. What is your world record? I hope you enjoy watching it 🙂 And if so, support me by subscribing and enjoying this video! 💎

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  1. Sir Why did not you eat those tons of speed trail food? Anyway love ❤️ your vids!! Please make more!!

  2. Vala ben bile bu kadar yapamıyom anca 2673 puan yapiyom bazen yüz bin yapiyom ve sadece daha yeni doğmuş yılanları yiyiyom😊

  3. who do u think would win MR. BOLADO or top memo answer my comment and let me knowwwww

  4. Если увидишь ник agospos то это я

  5. My record was 26,067 ponits in snake io I killed 723 snakes in just that game

  6. Ben 100000000000 yapmıştım ve 5 saatimi aldı çok zordu

  7. Why snake 🐍.io Names USA 🇺🇸

  8. If you phoenix in snake or play with him thats me i just get 10.000 in the game my kill is 175

  9. Bhai apka high score nahi hai mera high score hai 20,0000000000

  10. I already Make the score of 16680 in this game😊😊.
    Mrbolado is make only 10.000

  11. I better play with her snake io my score is 5632

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