In Real Life 2 - In Real Life 2

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New IRL:

What would be like in real life?! Here’s Part 2!

Watch Part-1:

Back again with another IRL video! We’re currently working on a bunch of cool videos which have been taking forever to make. But they’ll be done very soon, so be sure to subscribe and keep an eye out for it.

Actor: Jack Satish
Crew: Chandan N
Director/VFX: Raghav

Music used:
1. Supernatural
2. Pop Goes the Weasel
3. Nonstop by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Flying Disk 3D model by Herminio Nieves


  1. Jacob cannot be friends with somebody he doesn’t know!

  2. Y eso ni siquiera existe porque sino lo estuviera viendo en la vida real pero si todos los estudiamos viento en la vida real no es verdad solo es una broma amigos solo estaba que tengas miedo Yo no tengo miedo Soy valiente porque Dios está conmigo quién me va a curar donde sea que donde sea vaya yo y ustedes Solo confía en Dios Dios siempre estará con ustedes ore así Dios va a curar los

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  4. Welp I guess it doesn't have me in it poor little rainbow snake 🙁

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  8. خلافة على منهاج النبوة says:


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  10. I like how the music in the first part is the song "pop goes the weasel"

  11. This is what I imagine tripping on acid or shrooms is like

  12. ◕BLΛƆKPIИK X BTS LOVER {road to 200 subs}◕ says:

    Wow so cool!!
    I wish I could have done something like that .
    U can verify me am a poor youtuber.😭😭😭

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