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Welcome to! is a brand new .io game where you enter the ocean as a shark! Eat smaller fish to gain experience, use that experience to buy upgrades to become the fastest level 50 shark in the Ocean!
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Welcome! The brand new addictive free game with crazy gamelay. is similar to games like and games like and games like where gameplay revolves around eating fish while avoiding other sharkz! Take the chance to attack a hammerhead or hunt squid with your Sharkz! Level up to level 50 using upgrades to become the ocean’s fastest shark!

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  1. OMG I think I was in the vid I saw a guy named blitz!?!??!?????!?!!!!!

  2. I got to lev 153 in my first time and i played it just a secong a go and dont go near hamerheads

  3. hi Radom person scrolling through the comments

  4. I made it to lvl 208 then quit
    11986 score.

  5. I played again and got
    1686 PvE kills
    178 bites
    64 inks and adrenalines
    time alive 1 hour 1 minute and 1 second
    lvl 301
    218064 score
    at that point I just killed myself.

  6. Anyone sit in a server alone for 6 hours just to see how big you could get with people popping on and off? I did and that's why I'm asking I got 3,000,00 before until I passed out

  7. The game is simple all I did is just find a cluster of fish and I pretty much became god under 30 minutes.

  8. When you say keep your stick on the ice does that relate to hockey

  9. this game sucks im not liking the io content smh

  10. my build is 13 speed 15 bite and the rest into health stuff

  11. The tail movement goes along with the music

  12. Does my brother play this game? My brother is TJ

  13. Zzzzzzzzzzzz oh oops i was sleeping 💤 oh no not again. Well while i’m awake i love Your vids!

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