Scary games 2! -

Scary games 2!

Phia Melo
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⚝──────✦Games Played✦──────⚝
1:42 Disconnected by chrstphfr
15:23 make sure it’s closed by corpsepile
17:37 The Last Door on the Left by Pendragon66, PsychoWren
25:20 SCP-087 by GHST
40:08 A Walk In The Dark by Such_Nick
51:33 Room Before the Dark by Provisional
58:28 The Open House by corpsepile

⚝──────✦Chat Rules✦──────⚝
✦ No swearing or rude language.
✦ Keep conversations appropriate and on topic.
✦ Please don’t bring up other streamers unless I mention them first.
✦ Be kind and respectful!

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Art: #/phiaillust
Live: #/phialive

BGM: dova-syndrome

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