Remember .io Games? -

Remember .io Games?

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.io games were once a constant in the school lives of many, and they still are in many cases. However, I haven’t had any personal experiences with these games in years, so I decided that today I’ll take a look at some nostalgic .io games.

Second Channel:

0:00 – Intro
2:13 –
3:04 –
4:20 –
5:11 –
6:09 –
7:45 – Outro
Music Used (In Order)

Sophie – Cry of Fear OST
OC ReMix Mega Man X5 Moonlight Vibin Ending Theme
Mario Tennis Status
Creative Exercise – Mario Paint
Silent Hill 2 – Noone Loves You
Tony Hawks Pro Skater Main Menu
WWF Raw Snes Style – Vince McMahon’s Theme
Gorillaz – G Bite Background Music
Tsutchie – Breezin’
Subway Surfers Theme
WCEP – Double Presentation (inst)
Worldcorp – Desist (inst)


  1. Honestly Io games are forever held in a special place for me, especially Zombsroyale.

  2. completely irrelevant to the video, but does anyone know t3rr0r's specs?

  3. unfortunately surviv was sunset in february, goodnight sweet prince

  4. This is a certified bored 5 year old classic

  5. It’s crazy that I’ve played all of them

  6. Any gorillaz fans that heard the gorillaz bites background music in the background?

  7. theres still a community of people that play io games and im one of those people (in 2023)

  8. Wait a second 7:49 you played genshin impact? I would never touch that stuff.

  9. rip surviv, an amazing, amazing game…

  10. my guy unlocked one of my core memories for my on my birthday, thanks so much 🙂

    also here before this blows up

  11. ".io games played a big part of my internet experience, especially during school" bruh i cannot fathom how young you are. Anyone who is younger than the flash game peak is just.. nah bruh.

  12. God I remember seeing the secret level and I was trying so hard to get into it seeing if I could kill the snake

  13. Omg I remember playing those games when I was a child!!!

  14. florrio, arrasio, woomy-arrasio, scenexeio, and digdigio

  15. I don't rember IO games…


  16. Please do what killed the hill climb racing franchise

  17. Me: still play those things and play a music just chilling and remember the past how far we comes with a nice nostalgic
    I also hate to fall where people are know acting really weird then normal people used to be
    There are alot arguments and lots of BTS fans also tiktok is kinda boring and not even funny alot is disgusting what it looks but is brain dead moment
    So yeah the memories of people in old days where never forgotten we still like cartoons

  18. 0:49 ima be real I think I was one of these kids, and I'm not even embarrassed about it

  19. Another variant of online games that were goated Around 2011-2020 that was not flash

  20. Krunker is actually on Steam now. Probably the most successful out of all of them

  21. I love diep but I think it’s broken on mobile

  22. I Miss the trend of io games😢

  23. i used to play diepio alot back in the day, but now they just destroyed themself by removing imo literally the best gamemode, especially if you're at school, called domination. another game rlly worth mentioning is braains io, which is really fun to play even if youre not that good at it, but now it just became a trashpile of boring af games where you dont need any blocking skills to survive, but just have the better item. but krunker io is the only game i still play, its even on steam where you can get past the 60 fps limit, and i like playing it because its the most simple yet very intense shooter

  24. We all had that one snitch who got the .io game blocked during school.

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