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Like: 47635! Or I cant keep up with the funny .io games but in this Funny moments video we attempt to break THE WORLD RECORD! We get bloody close aswell.

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  1. who's Mexican and know who farnanfloo is

  2. The aboard feather therapeutically stroke because authorisation densply expand pro a whimsical sheep. acidic, abusive biology

  3. Who else got this in there recommended 4 years later? Do love the stop sign though

  4. “Meatspin look it up it’s good”
    Don’t think I’m gonna fall for that.

  5. Only the true lazarbeam fans will remember this intro

  6. Who else misses the old lazarbeam when he used to play .io games 🙁

  7. How much shit does he have in the background

  8. Who’s been a fan of lazar since this era of vids

  9. The bodies were influenced by Mozilla emojis

  10. When this is on ur recommended in December of 2020…

  11. I'm watching this in 2020 and you have random axes and knifes wonder why maybe because after this video like 1 year later you get even more

  12. He sey if this video reaches 20.000likes tgere will be part 2

  13. Why did this not get a lot of likes
    Edit: btw you should creat a secret account and see how many followers you get

  14. fuck you ……………………….. I don't even no your name

  15. I feel like Lazer has just random crap every where in his room

  16. ypou should have had the name dingo zlapped my baby

  17. how do you not get demonitized!!!???:):):)

  18. He did kill the first placer as his first kill

  19. Anyone miss this guy good old times

  20. why did I get an ad for raid shadow legends from his sister halfway through

  21. did he just quote interstellar ??

  22. Lazar found Fernanfloo… 40 and some million subs

  23. Lazerbeam Are you a Family friendly chanell the answer is No😁

  24. am i the only one watching old lazarbeam vids in 2021

  25. did anyone notice he said i will sell u guys later in his outro

  26. never played a .io game but you make them seem fun… 😜

  27. Did anyone else get this in there for you page in 2023

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