Pretending to Be the Developer. - -

Pretending to Be the Developer. –

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I was given this on a random server, so I decided to have fun with it.


  1. the first team was in the top left corner

  2. The sandbox player be like: bruh still covered it even tho everyone has no op

  3. 'some of them clearly want to be adopted'

  4. Bro made a second channel for touching kids 💀

  5. never played, randomly got recommended. this is nice.

  6. dawg how do you use them i was in a sandbox

  7. `i for invincibility, and `s for max stats,`e to teleport, `w to drag people, `, or `. to grow or shrink. Now you can troll

  8. Im sorry, what? arras?? Not diep? Its been years since i stopped playing .io games

  9. Developer: "Start your villain arc."
    Corrupt: *farms exp instead*
    Developer: "bro that's not what i meant-"
    Corrupt: *does it again*

  10. In the part where that player is called alien abduction right of him is a player named konya im actually his friend

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