Playing Old .io Games to See If They Hold Up -

Playing Old .io Games to See If They Hold Up

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  1. Krunker was banned in my school because during an intense match a girl started screaming DIE DIE DIE

  2. The stream snipers really gave a bounty on Tommy, like the first person kills him is the winner, like what the hell?🗿

  3. my school had a whole protest when agario was blocked

  4. If anyone is in a school that blocks websites try crazy games both the schools I’ve gone to didn’t block it

  5. Tommy, you need to do a part 2 for this one. There's plenty of games me and my guys played back in 5th grade-7th grade that weren't shown here

  6. Agar gives me feelings of pain and happiness

  7. im still in school and i love these.
    Krunker and Agar best ngl

  8. rank some unpopular games that your fans class played
    my class plays 2 things
    roblox or 1v1 lol
    the more interesting one is 1v1 lol it's basically fortnite from the dollar store but it holds a big name in the school for some reason

  9. At school i never had to really deal with blockers cuz i just unblock my chromebook

  10. Krunker is on steam now, a true sign it’s alive and Thriving

  11. Bro I just thinking about the io games and downloading it and this video pops up holy s***

  12. io games made my childhood, some of them were so good back then

  13. I started playing IO games when i was 14, now im 21 and i still play it 🥲

  14. 0:43 My middle school added an extension on chromebooks that makes teachers see everything that you are doing.
    Now they can write you personal messages, share your screen with everyone, close tabs, and block game sites you visit.
    If they catch you doing it then they may shut off your wifi for the entire day or even school year. Heck they can even make your Chromebook unusable.
    We get to bring our chromebooks home and they still can see what you are doing. This sucks.

  15. i know half of these games and im in 6th grade. krunker was a banger tho.

  16. "Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter." _Francis Chan

  17. Bruh I always played kruncker on my free time and they blocked the link website my friend gave me

  18. Krunker is on steam so that’s where everyone is

  19. 11:08 is the name of one of the car yt channels I watch he’s lit

  20. I’m not tryna flex but I was in verb and pntm back in my prime as a krunker god 😮‍💨

  21. my friends got me into surviv when it was popular and we would screenshot and flex our wins also phantom forces is still alive and kicking

  22. Bro tommy I went to one if these websites for krunker and got a virus 💀

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