2 INSTANT WIN! Circling the Whole Map in 2 - 2 INSTANT WIN! Circling the Whole Map in 2

Mobile Nation
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  1. pretty risky actually, because while you are circling the whole map a player might touch your trail and you would lose it all. But REALLY good

  2. Wow mobile nation is super hiper mega good in the game thanks

  3. is so cool l play that game is sooooooo cool

  4. Hello if you wonder why nobody comes and breaks the chain, it is because it is a hack that makes you invisible / Hola si tu te preguntas porque nadie viene y le rompe la cadena, es por que es un hack que te hace invisible.

    I found it on YouTube, I was looking at his videos with a lot of suspicion and … I found a video that used a hack that made you invisible, if they don't believe me, it's your decision. / Lo encontré en YouTube, estaba mirando sus videos con mucha sospecha y … encontré un video que usaba un hack que te hacía invisible, si no me creen es tu decisión. Byee / Adioos

    Hello again, I edited it because I was reading to see if it had bad spelling because there are people who complain about the bad spelling XD, and well I found that what I said confused me and it seemed that I said something else. / Hola de nuevo, lo edité porque estaba leyendo para ver si tenía mala ortografía porque hay gente que se queja de la mala ortografía XD, y bueno encontré que lo que dije me confundió y parecía que dije algo más.

    What I wanted to say I found it on YouTube on another channel, but well that's all :v / Lo que quería decir lo encontré en YouTube en otro canal, pero bueno, eso es todo :v


  6. you LITTERALLY filled the whole map with your rainbow trail!!!

  7. All that's left was to buy the game, but otherwise it's ok

  8. you must have a brick that just fell on your head

  9. Thank you for making that Nyan Cat cutie🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  10. No offense man but are u sure you weren't faking??? Are youuu surree you weren't playing with your friends????

  11. This guy made approximately $80,000 off this video.

    the first one, only covering 4% of the map

  13. People: huh? What’s that? Oh. Our enemy. Let’s just ignore that.
    mobile Nation wins
    Also people: hOw dId tHaT hApPeN?

  14. Fuck you it dosent work for me 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  15. I think he ahas friends so they don’t kill him

  16. No One Can Beat The [ B E A R A N S I I ] <This Is A User That WILL KILL ANYONE!>

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