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Overthrowing The World! Territory Games io – Territorial IO

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Territorial IO gameplay with CG! Let’s play Territorial IO and check out a battle royale game where you try to defeat your enemies and take all the territory.

Territorial IO:

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  1. CG sounded a bit more close to his mic in the old videos

  2. Finally, my country is I'm this channel 👌.

  3. Play with name of Albania if you want ❤️✌️

  4. "clearing up some of this small things here"clicks the worlds 3rd most powerful economy

  5. Black and red being the underdogs who bite each other instead of working together against the leading team. No idea why people do this, it only helps securing the win for the big boy.

  6. dude dont worry we get that ur having a bad day and we do care!!! well i do at least 🙂 anyways idk how you dont have 100k subs ur videos are great

  7. Omg i didnt know i was in the videooooooo

  8. Vibing in Eine Kliene Naschtmusik in Background

  9. Wow the fact he chose Bulgaria gives him my full 🙏 respect. But, why tho. Are you Bulgarian like me?

  10. Music is a very nice touch. Keep it up you're growing really fast, killing it!

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