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OVAR.IO NEW .IO GAME!!! Ghost, Tank, Soldier, Scout, Cluster gameplay

Arena Closer
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Ovar.io – New .io game! Game like slither.io
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  1. Wtf is this! A game based and named off of ovaries. And you play as a sperm cell fertilizing eggs… thats some weird shit.

  2. оооооооооо уже выйшло оварррр ио круто

  3. and did you really not realise this is just a sperm simulator

  4. Dont ask me why but lately i was learning about male and female in school so at first i thought it was spermicides trying to fertilize the egg O_o

  5. I don't even know what was going on but it looks like your doing good.

  6. Arena Closer your old vs new mope Vid is clickbait

  7. Arena closer is my best youtuber! i am big fan

  8. apparently ollie bish is a naughty nickname… it is short for my real name…

  9. а я подписалась))

  10. Is Arena Closer 5? how do you not realize that this is literally a game about how sperm fertilize an egg during sex?!

  11. you realize this game is be the best sperm cell and is called ovary o

  12. first we had balls now we have sperm.awesome

  13. es para retrasados, el único bueno es agar

  14. so according to this game one sperm can fertilize multiple eggs… huh

  15. i thought trailers were meant to help your game look better lmao

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