Oney Plays SCARY + WEIRD + Gamejolt Games (Complete Series) -

Oney Plays SCARY + WEIRD + Gamejolt Games (Complete Series)

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Oney Plays Scary/Horror/Weird (Itchio) and Game Jolt (gamejolt) Games
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  1. The greatest one liners ever is “ another day , another dead monkey”

  2. The greatest one liners ever is “ another day , another dead monkey”

  3. I'd like to think the mouth simulator is what inspired Zach to create the Mouse Quest game in Smiling friends

  4. I love that both Markiplier and Tomar heard the weird spider demon guy in "Faith" say Bob Ross.

  5. I wish Chris, Zack and tomar could be my dad's .

  6. Waffles voice ruined the whole episode with Chris and Cory!

  7. I think chris is the only person I've ever seen that is worse at playing games than me.

  8. I've watched this video an ungodly amount of times, wish they would do more videos like this

  9. bruh Scooby horror was made by Dave microwave games

  10. Chris, Zach, and Tomar are a legendary trio

    56:06 "Look at the soize of that spiderrrr!"

  11. 8:37 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One is the best call of duty ever made and you can't change my mind

  12. there are 6 hidden tomars throughout this game

  13. Thanks for showing us FAITH. It's my favorite Indie horror game now.
    It does so much with so little.
    Also, it's an actual horror game and not a 'jump-scare youtube bait' game.

  14. I bet Lenny & the island is what inspired Chris’s dream about going to Persia

  15. lyle is a massive simp for the globalist elite confirmed

  16. As a fan and viewer I am very upset that they did not finish lannys game

  17. It's a good series, but it was weird how Tomar kept muttering under his breath about "controlling his pawns". The deep guttural growls and red mist coming out of my speakers was a little off too. Like, a get that it's a joke, but when I start to see shadows moving in the mirror and people walking around my lawn in the middle of the night, it starts to feel a little weird, you know?

  18. I want to hear an unconcerned version of every centered joke they've ever told

  19. We need more videos with Waffle I absolutely love her she's hilarious

  20. I'm creating a cartoon. It's called, Forgotten Tales! It's about these forgotten and obscure characters that go on wacky and crazy adventures.

  21. If Waffle/Amy is as fun & sweet as she comes across on OneyPlays she's going to make some internet boi into a very happy man.

  22. I wanna see Clifford the big red dog slowly fall over like the colossi do in Shadow of the Colossus with the same music and sound effects.

  23. Love how they keep talking in Ayuwoki lmao the game tracks Ur mic

  24. 6:23 one of the most cringe inducing things to ever be uttered by a human being

  25. The real Mouse quest had me literally going insane. I got rhe game and it's amazing

  26. Oneyplays Playing Ayuwoki while talking is hilarious. The game tracks Ur voice lmao

  27. This is another "different" complete series compilation we're testing out, like the one we did for Newgrounds games. Again we aren't stopping playing these types of games, we're just making easy to view compilation "complete" videos like this. -helixD (the management)

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