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Oney Plays Scary/Horror (Itchio) Games
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  1. Seeing the little Freddy Freaker on the loading screen for the first game genuinely convinced me that he'd be the spooky villain for that game.

    Safe to say that I was very disappointed to find out that he wasn't.

  2. I'm addicted to Chris' ever-present shrieks of Terror during Ayouki

  3. they keep saying this isn't scary, but it clearly is. Get out of your game critic hat for a second, guys

  4. Oh, I love Michael Jackson's Funhouse Supreme.

  5. same doll as the one found in the tree house in witch hunt

  6. “What’s this game called?”

    “Leaving Neverland”


  7. Your a 8 year old boy and its zombie Jackson chasing you

  8. Finds hiding places early on.
    "I don't get it what are you supposed to do"

  9. i don't know why but every time i watch this i get spooked at 6:36 when he looks up, it's so minimal like even the monster doesn't scare me but that spooked me

  10. Anyone know the song on the piano? Its been bugging me for so long

  11. In order to find one Tomar Emerald you must find several Hidden Tomars in any given piece of media. The number varies, and denotes the sequence of the emeralds, like the stars in the Dragon Balls.

  12. "I'm sure Ayuwoki is Japanese for like 'the white one' or something" -Zach 2019

  13. It's funny because when Zach screams to scare the other two in the Ayuwoki game, he's actually triggering the real monster cos it hears mic input.


  15. "It's comin' dude… it's comin' dude!… IT'S COMIN' DUDE!!!!"

  16. …isn't the home alone kid Macaulay Culkin?

  17. It’d be a lot scarier if he quickly moonwalked towards you, smoothly. Upstairs and everything.

  18. 6:43 am i the only one who got scared there?

  19. jfc this one actually had me tapdancing in fear. why lmao

  20. I'm sincerely surprised by people's fear threshold. Chris is a bitch, yeah, but watching this, it's like I'm missing context, like something's going over my head.

  21. Zach and Tomar are just as iconic a duo of guest stars as Dingdong and Julian, prove me wrong

  22. 6:40 was the only thing that spooked me and I fucking knew it was coming.

  23. I got scared by the Easter egg on the ceiling 😂

  24. bruh I was watching this vid and brother said he was gonna go to the toilet and I said be careful of Michael Jackson and he got angry and sack wack me as I laughed in pain knowing that its 1am

  25. Zack aounds so naisaly and I love it

  26. lol im with them on this, its not even scary but its just got so much built up suspense and loud noises.

  27. I saw the little Freaker dancing over th loading screen and immediately thought they were playing a horror game where Freddie chases you around, very disappointed

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