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Oney Plays SCARY Games

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Oney Plays Scary/Horror (Itchio) Games
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  1. That easter egg on the ceiling scared me more than the actual game.

  2. The three little creature stooges are terrorizing my stomach, I cannot stop laughing.

  3. Is it wrong that I want oneyplays dreadhalls?

  4. There’s so many great moments in this video, it’s def one of the best videos on the channel

  5. Anyoki… any oki….any ok… Annie ok….Annie are you ok

  6. What is this game called and how can one obtain this funny little game
    (The first game)

  7. When they do these videos are they all in the same room together

  8. Is it bad that I already knew what game it was at 1:08?

    Fuck me, that games a monstrosity

  9. That first spook scared the shit out of me and I’m honestly disappointed in myself over it.

  10. Zach's fucking "Turn that off, I'm tryin' t' sleep" at 1:24, for whatever goddamn reason, knocks me the fuck out every time I hear it

  11. Chris: This game isn’t scary
    is literally screaming and crying for his baby-darling momma

  12. this video has more than 666k views

  13. i think sheer he he is that michael jackson the King of the pot not michael jackson its is ayuwoki

  14. I definitely thought it was based on ozzy osbourne. Tis the Black Sabbath.

  15. "That gave me a fucking shit attack." – Oney 2019

  16. I dunno who you are or why you’re being mean to me but you need to be nice to me right now ;~;

  17. Zach Scared Me when he Yelp
    That Straddle Me…..

  18. The fact that a meme game is more horrifying than horror most games says alot

  19. Ah yes, Layers of Fear I love this game, thanks YouTube.

  20. This is the video A Blue Human got Zach's scream and paulstretched it. Glorious.

  21. my favorite zach quotes have to be ones where he says some variation of "little critter"

  22. aya oki ani skubbi dii daa and you uuuugh and a ughhhy agjjj agyyyyy
    hrm I wonder how somebody misheard that….

  23. Imagine being the nightmare of thousands of mexican children, and then meeting Zach and his amazing shit.

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