Oney Plays ONE MORE SCARY Game -

Oney Plays ONE MORE SCARY Game

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Oney Plays Scary/Horror (Itchio) Games with Tomar and Zach (Psychicpebbles)
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  1. I speak on behalf of Connecticut: if we all died, America as a whole would lose nothing.

  2. Another fun bit of Mobility Mary lore: Her scooter goes like 25mph, WAY faster than any pedestrian. She's constantly scooting up behind people and then whining at them to get out of the way.

    She also pretends as though every dog she sees, regardless of temperament or size, is a mortal threat to her.

  3. This is a perfect example of how graphics dont make a good game

  4. Them talking shit about Connecticut healed my soul

  5. I swear to fuck these guys are the last honest youtubers.

  6. i think about the concept of a "gooseboil" a lot

  7. “I think you’re a priest; not a penguin at all.” – Joshua “Tomar” Tomar

  8. I had this game could not get pass egg hunt and struggled on menu screen cause I couldn’t read

  9. I love how people say your being mean then proceed to say the wrost things to you

  10. when they started talking about the star of david everyone hoped they'd notice the simple fucking pattern, how does this game end btw

  11. Since the unholy trinity is out they should return to faith.

  12. Tomar's Iconic 32.3 cm long and 19.4 wide golden crucifix, which he likes jabbing into fan's ribs.

  13. Then standing on the direct line drawn on the floor she is traveling is nuts

  14. Wonder if they’ll ever play the full game
    They probably wont tho since they don’t seem to like lore stuff too much and theres alot of that in the game

  15. I want them to play the trilogy now that it's out

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