Oney Plays Games - EP 2 - Chipo, Crash, Lenny, Goblin, and Skeletons -

Oney Plays Games – EP 2 – Chipo, Crash, Lenny, Goblin, and Skeletons

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  1. As a viewer, I am very upset you did not reach the top of the damn mountain.

  2. Thumbnail pic: me and the boys looking at something questionable.

  3. why do i fucking love Zach's voice so much

  4. The lenny game gave me an idea (maybe the game has this I have no clue)

    For every diamond you collect, you get an additional mid-air jump. So you explore the level, and there's this natural progression throughout it. Like there can be diamonds too high to get at first so it's not totally non-linear.

  5. If that Crash game made 3rd place in a competition then the stakes where really fucking low.

  6. for a second, I thought my computer was downloading Chippo……

  7. I gotta say, Chippo actually looks like a pretty solid game if it were to be fleshed out a bit more.

  8. You have have one year left Lyle. Enjoy it

  9. Can't wait until Sept 4 2020 to see Lyle as a skeleton

  10. I love when Zac knew how to fly with the head

  11. So he can’t press space because he has one hand on the mouse and the other on wasd?

  12. I just have to know what is at the top of that mountain.

  13. there’s nothing quite like zachs laugh when he makes chris mad lmao

  14. Jesus Christ now we know where the inspiration for Jack Stauber’s Opal came from

  15. 7:28 He's the Angry Crash Bandicoot Opinion Guy
    He's got cancer in his ass, he's gonna die.
    He's the Angry
    Crash Bandicoot Opinion

  16. I bet Chipo gobbles snot the same way that monkeys eat fist fulls of leaves in those indian temple videos.

  17. Chipo is a fucking genius game and you cant tell me different if it had more funding i would play the shit out of that

  18. Fortunately, Zach's predictions did not come true, and Lyle is not yet a funny skeleton

  19. Lenny and the island is $4 too much. It somehow made me feel like I was about to get the most intense migraine of my life. It’s an incredible game.

  20. I can’t believe marvel ripped off Chipo with Kamala Kahn

  21. 2:23 is my favorite part just because of the way Zach says it

  22. anytime zach screams “no” he sounds genuinely terrified.

  23. Chris and Zach teaming up to play an indie game while Lyle suffers from migraine just might be a comedy gold setup.

  24. The backdrop in Lenny's Island makes me think of the levels in Spyo: Enter the Dragonfly for some reason.

  25. I just found these people doubt this will get seen but genuinely upset they didn’t finish lenny

  26. i just know zach will have a smiling friends critter with an inflating head that allows him to fly

  27. leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgicMemeories says:

    Chipo is iconic.

  28. Why does youtube think they were playing gmod lmfao

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