Oney Plays Games - EP 1 - Mouse Sim, Scooby, Wingman, Ravenfield -

Oney Plays Games – EP 1 – Mouse Sim, Scooby, Wingman, Ravenfield

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  1. The Scooby game was too scary for me, my mom said I can’t watch it

  2. Apparently Shaggy was sent to a military school and Scooby helped him escape.

  3. I have always wanted to see a ww2 shooter game.

  4. canon Scooby Doo deep lore fact: Norville "Shaggy" Rogers has the largest collection of designer belt buckles in the world and wears a different one each episode.

  5. Zach: talks about hyper realistic monsters

    Ding dong at his apartment:
    AnD HiS EyES BLEEd

  6. Anyone else hear nial in the background when they played wingman?

  7. Apparently the entire plot of Clifford the Big Red Dog takes place in 10 microseconds

  8. Ravenfield is actually pretty good, since it’s been released on early access.

  9. Call of Duty World At War is still the best one imo.

  10. the way zach says "peepee" haunts me in my nightmares

  11. I feel like that mouse-game is a giantess-fetish game in disguise.

  12. I had a nightmare when I was a wee child that the Mystery Gang unmasked a monster but underneath was a gold faceless head and then the other people of the town they were in turned into hideous monsters and the gang showed realistic signs of fear and were running and hiding terrified… It really scared me as a child

  13. Project Wingman is just Ace Combat; change my mind.

  14. Have Lyle and Stamper ever been in the same room?

  15. Ear rape isn't funny anymore.

  16. Did…. Did wingman steal everything from Ace combat

  17. Great podcast but I got a smule ad and I could drop kick the girl who is singing

  18. i thought itchio games were like, little worms and tanks of 2d planes and stuff, and balls that bounce. what fuck is this games?

  19. I require a link to the music from the mouse game.

  20. Zachs delightful little song at 9:44 kills me no matter how many times I hear it

  21. My favorite WW2 FPS shooter is COD World At War.

  22. I think a multiplayer inspired singleplayer game has huuuuge potential

    You could give the player abilities that would ruin the game for human enemies and allies, but in the multiplayer sim it hurts noone.

  23. Shadow of the colossus where you're a small animal and the colossus is a human is the funniest thing ever. Someone NEEDS to make that.

  24. Wingman looks just like ace combat but with a different hud.

  25. It’s shaggy Rogers I hope sorry my face is giving me big stupid and dumb

  26. I've never heard anyone laugh like Lyle during the mouse game. What a lunatic.

  27. Can someone please oh please find the mouse simulator theme song I want to put it on my tv and never turn it off

  28. Lyle is one of the most unfunny people I’ve ever experienced

  29. Better shaggy impressions then the new voice actor.

  30. Have people ever asked if thats zacks real voice or is everyone too afraid to ask

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