More Fun Than Fortnite? | and 3 .io Games -

More Fun Than Fortnite? | and 3 .io Games

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Let’s play some .io games! Today we are picking some random .io games to try out – we even found Fortnite! Let’s see if we can get to the top of the leaderboard!

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  1. Nobody will ever see this but: actually has some really deep lore and a GameTheory episode on it would make my life.

  2. I saw you as the featured YouTuber this morning

  3. You can't really say its more fun than Fortnite because you've never played it on screen.

  4. Steph looks like she’s a mom rather than a woman in their 20’s

  5. It would be cool if you did a game theory on this game cuz it does kind of have a lure and a mystery

  6. honestly for some one that plays a ton of its kind of making me a tiny bit angry anyone else with me on that eh eh.

  7. Can you make a theory about because it’s mystery and there’s bunkers but why I might try a theory myself

  8. is it just me or do the avatars look like crying child.

  9. When the players do a- ok or thumbs up emote, that means they are friends with you. Don’t try hitting them!!

  10. First!… time watching this

  11. I’m laughing cuz there’s no building in surviv up and thee like We ArE tHeBeSt

  12. Nuelie And Occasionally Bella And Ellie says:

    he was at number 1

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