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Jerma Streams with Chat – Games

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* Merry Christmas! *

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This is an archive of the 12/24/21 stream titled “ 5 Course Meal”.

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  1. Damn he's been talking about dodging axes since 2021

  2. the last part when he talks about orgy is so fucking funny

  3. 5:37 one of the chatters mentions holly before she was introduced?

  4. 32:00 Jerma accidentally unleashes an evil spirit into his house

  5. YESSS..

    Edit: OMG I can't believe he did not play the fan-made Jerma-monster-rancher clone some one made…. WTF JERMA 🙁

  6. Happy holidays Mike! Thanks for going out of your way to keep delivering us these vods.

  7. The Everhood part where he plays the same 1 minute loop song for what feels like 24 straight hours is amazing

  8. too bad he kept nun massacre for last at which point he didn't even care anymore

  9. merry christmas mike thank you for uploading so constantly 🙂

  10. I fell asleep to this stream in the background and I woke up like 5 times with how fucking loud some of these games were.

  11. shoutout to the one guy in chat who said “CALL AMELIA”

  12. How is he so bad at Freeways?? He probably drives on the left. What an absolute PSYCHO.

  13. Chat got dysynced by a minute and a half by the end

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