Jerma Streams - Games and Everhood (Part 0) -

Jerma Streams – Games and Everhood (Part 0)

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Jerma archived Games (The original title of this stream was “ 5 Course Meal”, and was originally streamed/recorded on December 24th, 2021)

0:00 Start of Stream
8:49 Santa’s Cookies
18:13 The Christmas Incident
33:15 Slay Bells
1:14:39 1st Brb Ends
1:16:16 Night of the Consumers
1:54:02 Slide in the Woods
2:09:00 Freeways
2:34:43 2nd Brb Ends
2:37:28 Night Shift
3:10:35 Spiders
3:16:19 Act Normal
3:18:33 Nun Massacre
3:34:38 Osteotic Bypass
3:40:46 Juice Galaxy
3:59:13 Everhood
4:57:24 3rd Brb Ends
4:59:56 Art School
5:22:47 Faith
5:31:43 Back from Discconnect
5:40:10 Back from Discconnect Again
5:44:55 End of Stream

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  1. jerma playing puppet combo games is the ultimate crossover between my favorite content creator and my favorite game dev. im beside myself with glee and giddiness. i truly hope he plays more again, and soon!!! i've got my puppet combo hoodie and tshirt ready for a shriek-filled marathon 🙂

  2. 3:29:49 to 3:30:08 is a rollercoaster of emotions
    He goes from panic, to anger, to fear, to embarrassment within 20 seconds

  3. The grinch lives in whoville so he's literally one of the smallest beings on the planet. You could sneeze on the dude and literally tear him apart

  4. I would love to see jerma play murderhouse. He’d piss himself

  5. everhood actually looks really fucking good what the hell

  6. 1:55:10 "The way you feel when you're in your at like 17 18 19s will change when your in mid to late 20s"
    yeh dreams crushed and optimism greatly diminished.. i wanna go back

  7. As often as we tend to think of Jerma as “haha silly man make funny noise”, he’s a lot more than that and I think his wisdom and maturity can be shown through the things he says on stream

  8. Everhood is just a crappy Undertale ripoff

  9. I need to hear that existential bullshit, thank you. Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough and I just need to remind myself I'm being myself and doing my best and that should be enough for me

  10. I swear he his an AI or something… jerma cannot be real

  11. When he was playing the slide game and yelled out "he's here!" I lost it xD

  12. 42:57 he does a 360 and backpedals into the killer oh my fucking god he is pretending so hard that it isn't funny anymore i am not joking.

  13. jermas amazing christmas jokes:
    – eating an inch of dirt
    – betting someone to borrow 100 dollars (you'll win)

  14. Night of the consumer is basically personified anxiety.

  15. I love the part when he reads the chat message “just got here late what was your Christmas gift?” And doesn’t even respond to it

  16. 3:25:38

    I don't know if this is the first time the lamp attacks him but it's one of them


    Secondary lamp attack

  17. 30:00 jerma goes full seaman and recites the line about horror movies almost verbatim

  18. The beginning part of that looping Everhood boss song at the end reminds me of another song and I can't for the love of me figure out what it's called 😫

  19. trying to watch jerma find where the fucking eato's go was the most painful shit in my life

  20. is no one gonna talk about the fucking glitched voice thing Jerma did at 1:16:40 I rewatched it so many times n realised that he purposefully did that like how the fuck, so cool

  21. Sometimes I really wish I could see what that specific chat member said when he reads something and just starts laughing to himself

  22. there is something so jarring about how i was already excited about realizing that jerma's about to play faith, but then Penny donated a bunch of community subs and it felt like the weirdest but most correct brief crossover

  23. Thinking back on Jeremy talking about retiring and am sad again.

  24. oh dang, Jerma played Everhood?!?! That game is so wonderful!!! I would love to see him play the full game! More people need to know about it…

  25. Chance of fertility issues and mutations increases drastically after 35 for both men and women.
    Do not "slow-down" — Jerma is a moron and his Mother is right.

    Have children.
    Life isn't going to wait around for you forever.
    People go through life today like it's never ending and they have all the time in the world.
    Stop fucking around and get your shit together; start a family.
    You are ready at 26 AT-LEAST — potentially even earlier for women.

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