Jerma Streams - Games and Everhood (Part 0) -

Jerma Streams – Games and Everhood (Part 0)

Jerma Stream Archive
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Jerma archived Games (The original title of this stream was “ 5 Course Meal”, and was originally streamed/recorded on December 24th, 2021)

0:00 Start of Stream
8:49 Santa’s Cookies
18:13 The Christmas Incident
33:15 Slay Bells
1:14:39 1st Brb Ends
1:16:16 Night of the Consumers
1:54:02 Slide in the Woods
2:09:00 Freeways
2:34:43 2nd Brb Ends
2:37:28 Night Shift
3:10:35 Spiders
3:16:19 Act Normal
3:18:33 Nun Massacre
3:34:38 Osteotic Bypass
3:40:46 Juice Galaxy
3:59:13 Everhood
4:57:24 3rd Brb Ends
4:59:56 Art School
5:22:47 Faith
5:31:43 Back from Discconnect
5:40:10 Back from Discconnect Again
5:44:55 End of Stream

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  1. I don't think quiche is gross, it's like a scrambled egg cake I could eat a slice…

  2. i love that the back door opens, showing that something is now in the gas station and hes just,, excellent i cant clean the bathrooms now

  3. Can you please not name the brbs "1st brb ends" "2nd brb ends" ect. just put "1first brb" and "second brb" It doesn't make sense to name it brb ends when its the whole brb and not just the end

  4. Omfg when the jumpscare during late shift came i was just brushing my hair and I heard him scream and almost pissed myself 😭

  5. Who is the guy that made the music for the brb getting tea Christmas stuff

  6. really glad this vod exists. as a 23 y.o., that “I’m older and still here” talk made me feel a lot better about where i am in life, and i think it’s something that i often forget during these difficult years of life. i hope more people get to experience such a casual life-check, whether through this vod or otherwise

  7. 11:21 I was watching on my phone on the toilet and the light was on and I STILL dropped my phone bruhhhh

    edit: no, not in the toilet

  8. Is it just me or does everhood look like a scuffed undertale mixed with OFF

    Even has the same font as undertale. That intro is just deltarune's but worse

  9. Never noticed frog has a fucked up beast face from later in the game during this fight.

  10. The "horror" games suck just a really loud noise.

  11. The amount of mischief Jerma's light gave him this stream is comedy itself

  12. Watching the game about a night shift worker at a gas station and working a night shigt at a gas station made me nervous

  13. “Don’t focus on blooming, don’t worry about that shit, just make the best life you can with what you got.”

  14. I loved his appearel in the week leading up to this, like a drunken divorced father who dosent have the motivation to shave

  15. There’s a “tasty burger” restaurant in my area lol

  16. Seeing Jerm with facial hair feels wrong. He's not old enough to have facial hair.

  17. can some1 comment the time when he says hes taken and someone says "I CANT BREATHE" PLS its so funny

  18. When I saw Jerma, his eyes were literally just blacked out for some fuckin reason

  19. Night of the Consumers captures the nauseating, panicked nature of retail.

  20. Jerma's complete inability to create a mental map makes this stream so much more gripping and intense

  21. ive never seen anyone else who has the earbud thing and the first person i see like me is fucking JERMA

  22. The stream has become a daycare for spoiled kids who yell whatever they're thinking. It was kinda fun when it was jokes, but now they somehow think berating the streamer is funny

  23. hes so patrick bateman witg the slicked back hair and glass of wine ……

  24. Jerma “what how did u get over there?!” All he did wass run in a circle and hit a wall u never moved

  25. When you hear “excuse me “ you hide in staff room jerma…

  26. Its a good thing jerma is funny because he is certainly not the best gamer and idk if its chat but takes forever to comprehend the task

  27. Super sick rn but thank god i have jerma vods to watch

  28. did you know u eat over an inch of hair in every glass of wine

  29. This soundtrack is pretty relaxing along with the stream

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