games on chromebook - games on chromebook

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this is a video on how to play games on a chromebook



chmod +x itch-setup && ./itch-setup


  1. i tried to put it in my linux folder but it wont let me

  2. Yo good job and btw I’m koltie on chrome

  3. chmod +x itch-setup && ./itch-setup -bash ./itch-setup cannot execute binary file: Exec format error why 🙁

  4. this is a really good vid, keep up the work

  5. Its saying that theres no such file or directory for itch-setup

  6. hi did you know that you an change the settings to 60 fps so it doesnt look like poop its in the top right of the extension where there is a settings button

  7. Bro why Doesnt he Have 1M Subs Bro He The Goat He Deserves 1M Subs Atleast

  8. thanks but… how do i play the games?
    whenever i download them and press launch it sends me to some thing

  9. i got the app but it keeps on loading and its never gonna pop up i have been siiting for almost 1 hour seeing if it pop up

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