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.io Games and The Rise of Fake Multiplayer

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  1. Figured this out when I was a kid and turned wifi off for no ads.

  2. Anyone else saw this thumbnail and thought: “Wait, they were fake?”

  3. Love seeing somebody else using Linux!

  4. Reddit and Facebook were also made with fake people posting interesting stuff.
    Most BR games also work this way.
    A nice video to watch for help game devs monetize is "Let's go whaling".

  5. I don't mind the idea of games with simplistic premises turning into a multi-player game.
    Heck, I don't mind bots filling in for humans if it can't find enough humans for a match, so long as such players are clearly noted as being bots (and those bots must also play by the same rules you do)

    What I do mind is pretending you are a multiplayer game when it really is vs CPU only and not making that clear.

    Either label your game vs CPUs only, or make it a single player experience. Or heck both. Just don't deceive.

  6. Am I the only gamer in the world who likes almost exclusively single player, offline games? For me it's not a bug, it's a feature.

  7. They use to hide these but now they don't care and just give you ads mid game

  8. To be honest, while there are some bots, I have met actual players in games like diep.io, I loved that game.

  9. You said them advertising fake multiplayer in the early section of the video wasn't a bad thing but I disagree on that.
    False advertising is always bad.

  10. i always felt i was … too good at some of these io games and had a feeling i was playing against an ai. thanks for making this video!!

  11. Wouldn't bot code be complicated too?

  12. Ain’t your game just hotline Miami with super powers

  13. Heh it's funny, I remember when this first came out.

  14. I noticed they were bots just because of how recurrent were the bland and unoriginal names

  15. I played one of those for a second but figured out quick it was fake. The bots don’t move like humans

  16. haha finally i can show this to dumb friend who keeps flexing on being #1

  17. I noticed this for years. I still played it because I was in school and they had some type of jammer which didn’t allow our phones to have service. So I would play while I had my lunch

  18. I played evowars a few years ago and I discovered if I clicked on a different tab on my browser and then clicked back, the game had effectively paused while I was on the other tab.

  19. I commonly don't play mobile games, less multiplayer mobile games, but I remember playing Paper.io, I think, and when I loose I could get another life if I watch an ad… "how weird", I thought… "why nothing changes during the minute I need to spend watching this ad?… Is just like the other players are waiting for me…"
    Then it hit me.

  20. ur channel is great, just be a bit louder😉

  21. I figured out this when some games let you watch an ad to respond. Like in paper.io. You watch a ad and you respond with all your land

  22. I remember playing in 2012 Metin2 and it also had bots to simulate that they were real players and I sucked at English and I was trying to talk to them but they never listened to me, the bots fought 24 hours a day without rest

  23. What about blockchain games/ casinos they all have .io websites

  24. i thought we were just collectively ignoring this

  25. What tipped me off is finding matches is instant and none of them go for big clusters of small objects at the beginning. they just wander aimlessly.

  26. the game literally can play without an Internet (I did it cuz I hate the ads) and it's work, so….

  27. i thought these io games were real and they were actually pretty fun so i turned of my internet everytime i played an io game for no ads i was smart ngl

  28. Imagine being so dumb you didn't realize you played bots xD

  29. I completely forgot the name of the agar.io game and now that you said it I just remembered it

  30. You mean you unplugged your modem not the router

  31. I noticed it back in 2019, while playing an io game on phone my router turned off but the was still functioning how it's supposed to.

  32. honestly this is why this type of game is bad.. the amount of bad adds that generate from it and the low amount of actual creative games

  33. Honestly, good. Wish they were honest and straight up told people they are bots. But people like me really don't want to play games with other people.

  34. I knew I hated voodoo and .io games for a reason.

    Cheap bastards

  35. It was obvious. I noticed after I constantly winning every game on holes.

  36. Just wait until the singularity. Bots will actually be other players. In fact they'll be your masters. Bow down to the great bots🙌🙃

  37. I was expecting them to have many bots, and bots that kick in to take over if a player disconnects to keep up the illusion. I did not expect to be the only one who's a real player at all.

  38. I realized I wasn’t playing against people when I was doing good playing Hole.io

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