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.io Games and The Rise of Fake Multiplayer

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  1. This is why I don't bother with .io games anymore, as a kid I wasn't aware that they were bots, but the thought of playing with bots now is boring.

  2. i always thought that they took past games from people and just placed yu against them or there was a mix of bots and real people or something.. i think i just wanted to believe i was actually really good at these games csuse i always won by a lot

  3. I found out because I put my phone in airplane mode and the "multiplayer game" kept going 😭

  4. That why more complicated .io games are better, f.e. Starve.io, because I don't believe a bot would be able to play it

  5. I've been lied to oh my god all this time I've been eating fake people in snake. io

  6. thickener -> stiffener; you put analogh artifacts to illustrate digital drop-out; they think -> who thinks; computer -> desktop; louder -> loudlier

  7. Snake.io has plugins for playing true multiplayer, but it's so laggy it's near unplayable

  8. Wait so the people i teamed with in agar.io werent people?! I thought the ppl who spin where actually friendly 🙁

  9. I've said since day 1 that Tetris 99 on the switch is all bots but nobody takes me seriously on that

  10. And its all about money not the game sad 🙁

  11. That's why I like games with a chat feature.

  12. I used to play dominoes online and it was a bit suspicious because it would use bots to take over absent players so you couldn't tell whether you were playing with someone or a bot.

  13. The only .io game that doesnt have fake multiplayer is taming.io, mostly since chat exists and you can speak with other people, but you can also make clans or play with friends, sooo

  14. if you can market the game to teenage kids really well, you will probably succeed.

  15. If an IO game has chat than you instantly know it isn’t fake.

  16. if all of you want to remove VOODOO let's all report VOODOO this might be like begging but if you like everyone can see this comment

  17. I love the fact this video is soft-spoken because it's 4am and I should definitely go to sleep

  18. I think the ones who created it must have their merits, the amount of ppl that believed in playing with actual real people is insane.


  20. Paperio is also a ripoff of a game called splix.io and almost noone knows the original. It's pretty annoying how some companies make a ton of money by just copying the games of smaller Devs.

  21. I remember i got addicted for a few days to these fake multiplayer .io games. It took me a while to realize that I was not playing against real players.

  22. People are so dumb that they can't even notice. The publishers have literally mentioned "single player" on playstore .io games 😂😂.

  23. but what about the real io games that were my childhood?

  24. I knew this existed, but it's only for a few .io games. There's a 99% chance that games with a chat are real multi-player. Like moomoo.io, krunker.io, etc. Also there are a lot of games I've played with my brother on the same server on.

  25. This is littlebigsnake differs. All the bots have recognizable names, they act different from actual players. You can actually friend other players and chat with them. So yah, there is bots on the same servers as real players, but more players play at the same time, less bots there is on the server.

  26. I'm talking quietly because I have a cheap mic and the quality gets worse the louder I speak. I'm getting a new one in a couple days

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